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Silicone Rings 3 rings

3 Silicone Ring Master Collection

Normally £45 – Today get all 3 for our lowest ever price

Your 3 ring collection (Black, Dark Grey and Grey) will be sent in the same size as the ring you ordered. These are beautifully soft and comfortable for everyday use. 

Perfectly stylish and have the same FREE delivery and FREE returns as your ring. (So if you order them and don’t like them – you can return them free). I would strongly encourage you to try these rings. They are wonderful.

Our Lowest Ever Price - 3 Silicone Ring Master Collection

Silicone Rings 3 rings

They are perfect for when you don’t want to wear your main ring. Perhaps your working outside, taking part in sport or simply wish to protect your main ring and wear something softer. Beautifuly comfortable and resistant to almost anything (apart from extreme heat). Many customers wear these for long periods.

Super Soft & Comfortable

These silicone rings are amazing.  Perfect for everyday use. Stylish and comfortable.

Free Delivery

Order them now and we’ll send them to you FREE. They’re normally £45 and you’re getting them for just £9.97

Free Returns

If for any reason you don’t like them. Let us know and you can return them FREE and get a full refund.

5300+ Happy Customers

silicone ring lake

This Silicone Ring Collection Has Been Getting 5 Star Reviews Across the Board. Get yours now (and if you don't like them, you can return them FREE for a full refund)

Just want to say thank you for your amazing service and the stunning rings. We're very happy and will certainly recommend you.
Carl Fraser

I love the silicone rings you sent almost as much as my main ring. They fit perfectly and look great. In fact my mate wants one just like it 🙂
Tim Mitchell

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Trust us, you’ll love these rings – If not you can return them FREE for a full refund.