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Men’s Gold Tungsten Rings

Bright, brilliant, and stylish. Men’s gold rings made with tungsten carbide are incredibly strong, robust, durable, and scratch resistant.

If you are looking for a traditional men’s gold ring but are worried about it getting scratched, or becoming bent out of shape, a gold tungsten ring is the perfect solution. Our gold tungsten rings are here for the classic yet practical man!

Ranging from more traditional gold rings to contemporary designs of men’s rings.

In this article we look at why a gold tungsten ring may be the right choice for you.

Men's Gold Tungsten Rings

The Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men

Practical men who work with their hands know that gold rings can easily scratch and become bent out of shape. If you want a ring that you can keep wearing while you work – or while you are busy playing hard, a tungsten ring is the one for you.  

Tungsten rings are phenomenally strong, durable, and hardwearing. Your tungsten ring will last a lifetime and will still look as good as new. It will not bend, or lose its’ shape in anyway.

And not only that, your tungsten carbide ring also has superb scratch resistance. A metal can only get scratched by another material that is harder than itself. Tungsten is one of the hardest materials on this earth – and is only surpassed by diamond! This means that providing you keep away from diamonds, your tungsten ring will not get scratched.

Another advantage of tungsten is that it is offers excellent value for money, especially compared to precious metals such as gold, and platinum.  

Tungsten rings for men are available in a wide range of unique styles, including a wide range in gold. Some are based on traditional gold rings giving you the appeal of a men’s gold ring, but with the strength and robustness of tungsten. Others are more contemporary, incorporating other colours such as silver, and black. They are all there for the taking!

A tungsten ring feels substantial and strong, giving a sense of manly importance. Some men love this – but if you prefer a lighter ring, a gold titanium ring is definitely worth considering.

  • Strong, Robust, and Hardwearing. A tungsten ring is one that will last a lifetime and is designed to be worn everyday – no matter what you are doing!
  • Remarkable Scratch Resistance
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Substantial and Almighty
  • Wide Variety and Styles of Men’s Gold Tungsten Rings

Drawbacks of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is most certainly a metal with superpowers and it is difficult to pick out disadvantages. 

The first potential drawback is a matter of personal taste. Some men love this about  tungsten rings – while other men may be put off. A tungsten ring is undoubtedly weighty.  You will know that you are wearing your ring. This is of course, something you will get used to very quickly but it is worth noting that tungsten is a heavy metal. When you put your tungsten ring on, it somehow feels important and almighty. 

If you prefer a lighter metal for your ring, you may want to consider titanium

A tungsten ring cannot be re-sized. This means that if you were to need a larger or smaller ring, you would need to replace a tungsten ring, rather than have it resized. The value of tungsten rings means that this is realistic – but of course sentimentally, this would be a drawback. 

Be sure to measure your ring finger before ordering your gold tungsten ring. Manzora will provide you with a free ring sizer if you do not know your size. 

And if you find that when you try the ring on, it is still either too loose, or too tight, returns are free

  • Tungsten Rings are Weighty
  • Tungsten Rings Cannot be Resized
Man's hand showing his ring
Men's Gold and Silver Tungsten Ring - Imperial

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Whereas precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, are mined for their beauty, lustre, and value, tungsten is mined for its extreme strength and robustness.

Even the name tungsten describes the sheer almighty strength of tungsten carbide. Tungsten derives from the Swedish words “tung sten” which essentially means heavy stone. And this name describes the very essence of tungsten perfectly!

Tungsten is weighty and strong, much harder than steel, and more resistant to breaking than diamond. Tungsten is approximately 10 times harder than 18 carat gold.

In its natural form, tungsten is a grey powder. The powder is compressed and then formed into shape.  It is found naturally on earth when combined in chemical compounds. Tungsten is used in many industries thanks to its wondrous properties. Uses include tools, machinery, and jewellery and it is used in industry, construction, military, electrical, and commercial sectors. It is used in surgical tools, ballpoint pens, skis, farriery, ammunition, and all kinds of tools.

And of course, jewellery, where it is used for rings, watches, pendants, and bracelets.

  • Tungsten has unparalleled strength, durability, and robustness.
  • Tungsten is more affordable than other precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. 

The Meaning and Symbolism of Men's Gold Rings

A gold ring is the perfect choice for a man who appreciates both traditional and modern ring styles. A men’s gold ring made with tungsten combines the traditional appeal of gold with the strength and durability of tungsten. And if you are looking for something more contemporary, plenty of our gold rings are creative, stylish and completely unique.

Lustrous gold makes for an elegant and chic ring. It is no surprise that gold has been so incredibly popular for so many years.

Traditionally, wedding bands for both men and women, have tended to be yellow or white gold. These are still popular and most certainly a solid choice that you cannot go wrong with. Many couples also choose a pair of wedding bands that match. But if you are a man who works with his hands – whether for work or leisure, you may be concerned that your gold ring will become not only scratched but will also bend and lose its shape.

This is where a gold tungsten ring comes to your rescue. You can have the traditional gold ring – but one that will last a lifetime without being damaged or spoilt. You can find a gold tungsten men’s ring that matches your partner’s gold ring.

Our range of gold tungsten rings include traditional gold wedding bands made with tungsten – as well as more unique and creative styles. These are perfect, not just as a men’s wedding band, but also as a unique and stylish gold statement or fashion ring.

Gold rings are a spectacular choice for men. And not just for a wedding band. Gold rings are warm, lustrous, elegant, and charming.

Some of our gold rings include silver for a unique design and others include black for a stunning style.

Traditional Men's Gold Rings made with Tungsten Carbide

Traditional men’s gold rings are available in tungsten. This means that you have the simple beauty of a men’s gold wedding band or gold ring but with the added benefit of tungsten carbide. Here you have a ring with supreme scratch resistance and durability. This is a ring that is so strong and robust, that you will not have to remove it, no matter what!

mens gold ring for wedding anniversary engagement band polished 6mm 8mm traditional ring in all sizes
King - Men's Gold Tungsten Ring in 6mm or 8mm Width

This classic men’s gold tungsten ring is simply magnificent. Bright, brilliant, and completely wondrous. 

The King ring is available as a 6mm or 8mm width ring to suit all tastes. 

This dome shaped ring is in polished, gleaming gold. 

Ultra strong, durable, and with extreme scratch resistance.

Eloquent is a magnificent tungsten carbide ring with a stylish brushed gold centre, polished gold rims, and a sleek, shiny gold interior.

This comfort fit ring is available in 6mm or 8mm width.

This is the perfect example of a men’s gold ring with a modern twist. 

Made with tungsten carbide for an extremely strong, long lasting and durable ring, with incredible scratch resistance. 


gold mens ring for wedding anniversary or engagement ban 6mm 8mm tungsten brushed in all sizes
Eloquent - Brushed and Polished Men's Gold Ring made with Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Ring for Men - Gold comfort fit flat top
Aurum - Polished Gold Tungsten Ring

A stunning gold tungsten ring for men. 

Aurum is a true phenomenon. A ring with a lustrous gold and polished surface.

Classic traditionalism with a modern feel using hardy tungsten.

Again, this ring is available as a thin or wider style with 6mm or 8mm widths available. 

Contemporary Men's Gold Tungsten Rings

For the man looking for something out of the ordinary, we have gold tungsten rings that are completely unique and eye catching. Give yourself a completely new look with a stunning and gorgeous men’s gold ring. Made with tungsten so that you can depend on your ring to be strong, durable, and extremely scratch resistant.

gold ring for men with black rim polished traditional modern style design
Captivate - Men's Gold Tungsten Ring with Black Rims

Captivate is a brushed gold tungsten ring at the heart with black at the sides. This dramatic contrast is beautifully eccentric.

Perfectly suited as either a men’s wedding band, or a men’s extraordinary fashion or statement ring. 

This is a comfort fit ring with 8mm width. 


A superb two tone gold and silver ring made with tungsten carbide. 

Unique and stunningly fresh yet inspired by tradition. 

The Imperial ring is ideal as a men’s wedding band – or a majestic statement or fashion ring. 

This is a comfort fit ring that is 8mm in width. 

Gold and Silver Ring for Men - Tungsten Carbide comfort fit
Imperial - Men's Gold and Brushed Silver Tungsten Ring
Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men - Gold with Silver RIms modern style traditional design
Darious - Men's Dome Shaped Tungsten Ring with Silver Rims

What a beauty! A truly stunning dome shaped tungsten ring that people will admire. You have the best of both worlds – silver sides and a golden heart.

With understated style, the Darius ring is a wonderful twist on a more traditional gold ring. 

This comfort fit ring is 8mm in width. Can you imagine this as your one of a kind men’s gold wedding ring – or a sensational and elegant statement ring. 

The tungsten Paradox ring has a wonderful two-tone contrasting design. Sleek silver centre with polished gold edges. A highly luxurious style.

This 6mm wide ring is elegant beyond compare.

A remarkable men’s wedding band – or distinctive statement ring. Majestic!

Silver and Gold Tungsten Ring for Men
Paradox - Contrasting gold and silver men's tungsten ring
Black Ring with Gold Centre Ring for Men
Opulent - Stunning Black Tungsten Ring with Groove of Gold

If you are looking for something bold and beautiful, the Opulent ring may be just what you are looking for. A black tungsten ring with a gleaming groove of gold. 

8mm wide, this gorgeous ring has bevelled edges. 

A extraordinary men’s wedding band, or a stand out statement ring. 

Men's Try at Home Gold Tungsten Rings

With so many tungsten rings to choose from, it is understandable if you are having a tough time narrowing it down to the one ring. 

That is why at we offer you a Try at Home service

The idea is that you pick your three favourite rings to try on at home before you buy. There is a £5 charge for this service which contributes to postage – and a £20 fully refundable deposit. 

By trying the rings on at home, you will get a real idea of exactly what the ring looks like on you to help you decide what is the ring for you. 

The Try at Home Service puts you under no obligation to buy – it is simply an opportunity for you to try before you buy! You can select your three favourite gold tungsten rings to try on at home – or go for a selection of different colours to see what suits you. 

Finding Out Your Ring Size

So maybe you have decided that a gold tungsten ring is for you. The next thing you need to know is your ring size.

First be sure that you have decided which finger you want to wear the ring on. Next decide on the ring that you would like to order (if you need help with this, consider the Try at Home Option). 

Go to place an order for the ring. When you are prompted to enter your ring size, select ‘I don’t know my ring size’ from the drop down menu. You will then be ready to complete your order.

We will then send you a ring sizer in the post. Use the ring sizer two or three times (avoiding times when you are particularly warm or cold). When you know the size you would like, drop us an email to let us know.

We will then get your ring sent out in the size you would like. Please note that delivery is between 1 and 3 days. 


A gold tungsten ring is the ultimate best of both worlds. Gold is elegant, brilliant, warm and dazzling. A truly phenomenal colour which is undoubtedly why gold has been such a popular choice for rings for such a long time.

A gold ring can either be traditional or contemporary, depending on which style you choose. You can match your men’s gold tungsten ring with your partner’s gold ring.

The tungsten means that your gold ring will be everlasting – and will remain as good as new for always. It is not going to get scratched (unless you and your ring come into combat with a diamond) and it will not bend or become out of shape.

Manzora – Make it Your Colour


Tungsten carbide rings offer exceptional strength, durability, and scratch resistance, ideal for everyday wear. They are substantially heavier than other metals, giving a feeling of significance. These rings are also cost-effective compared to precious metals like gold and platinum, and come in a variety of styles, including traditional and contemporary designs.

Unlike traditional metal rings, tungsten rings cannot be resized due to their hardness and manufacturing process. It’s crucial to accurately measure your ring size before purchasing. However, tungsten’s affordability makes replacing the ring a viable option if your size changes over time, though this might have sentimental implications.

Tungsten carbide is a compound derived from tungsten, one of the hardest materials on Earth. It’s significantly harder and more durable than steel and more resistant to scratching than diamond. Its unique properties make it ideal for robust jewelry that withstands everyday wear and tear, unlike softer metals like gold and silver.

Gold tungsten rings combine the classic appeal of gold with tungsten’s robustness. This choice is ideal for those who want the elegance of gold but need a ring that resists scratches, bending, and wear. It’s perfect for active lifestyles and offers a modern twist to the traditional gold ring aesthetic.

Men’s gold tungsten rings come in various styles, from traditional gold bands to unique, contemporary designs. They can feature different finishes, like polished or brushed, and may include additional elements like silver or black accents. These rings cater to diverse tastes, whether you prefer classic simplicity or a more modern, distinctive look.