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How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Ring

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ring

If you’re looking for a wedding band or a statement ring, you need it to be the very best. You need to find the ultimate ring. The one that you know you will feel happy to wear everyday for the rest of your life.

Maybe a ring that stands out? Something unique or distinctive or one that is more traditional? Or a ring that perfectly expresses your wonderful self? 

But what ring do you choose?

OK, don’t panic, there is the perfect ring out there for you. As you’ve probably discovered…there’s an incredible range of choices!

To stop you feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start, we’ve put together this handy guide that we hope will answer all of your questions.

By the time you have finished reading it, you’ll know pretty much everything you need to know about the different materials used in making rings.

Most likely you’ll come to a decision about what metal ring will suit you and your lifestyle. And you’ll have an idea about what kind of ring style you prefer and will feel comfortable with.  

What's the Best Metal For a Men's Wedding Ring?

Choosing a ring is important. You want this ring to be the best. It’s about the only thing you are going to wear everyday forever.

Rings for men are available in a wide variety of metals.

Working out which metal is best for you is the most logical place to start. This way you can start to look at different styles in the metal that you have selected.

The most commonly used metals for men’s rings are gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten, titanium and silver. We will look at the strengths and weakness of each of these metals.


Gold is the traditional and ever popular choice for a wedding band. Lustrous and bright, gold is both charming and elegant.

Extremely valuable, gold will hold its value. Gold has been the symbol for wealth and prosperity for many centuries.

The purity of gold is measured in karats. A ring that is 24 karats is 100% pure gold.

  • Gold itself is exceptionally soft, meaning that a 24-karat gold ring would be so soft that it would be impractical to wear on a daily basis. This is why rings are made with gold alloy – meaning gold plus a metal such as silver, copper, nickel and zinc. The metal it is alloyed with will provide strength.

What you should you look for in a gold ring?

Any piece of jewellery – ring or otherwise, should be purchased at 14 karat or 18 karat gold. This means that the jewellery will not be too soft (too much gold) but will still be valuable (enough gold). Any piece of jewellery that is lower than 14 karat gold means that the purity of gold is actually less than 50%

Disadvantages with gold…

  • In all purities and variations, gold rings are at risk of scratching and bending. This is particularly important if you are practical with your hands.
  • Gold scratches easily and so you would need to get your gold ring polished or buffed on a regular basis to prevent the ring looking scratched and showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Because the nature of gold is that it is soft and malleable, it also means that it is prone to bending and becoming out of shape.

    This is of particular concern if you work with your hands or are generally a practical and busy kind of guy. It is worth mentioning that the thinner the band, the more likely it is bend.

 A misshapen or bent ring can be taken to the jewellery shop for repair (but can be expensive to reshape).

Overall 4 out of 10

Gold is undeniably beautiful, gorgeous and glimmering. It is a traditional choice – but there are better rings available…

Gold rings have a high risk of scratching and becoming out of shape over time. At various times your gold ring will need some tender loving care from a jewellery shop for a polish or buff (or reshape) – and you will need to take it off when doing physical tasks or sports. They get more easily damaged and bent than people know.

Platinum - How about a Platinum Men's Ring?

One of the rarest metals in the world, platinum rings are unsurprisingly one of the most expensive.

One of the strongest precious metals in the world, platinum rings are durable and strong. They offer good scratch resistance.

Overall – 7 out 10

Durable and strong, rings crafted with platinum offer good scratch resistance. Lustrous and gleaming, a platinum ring is also highly valuable and expensive. But often they lack the modern smart design.

Silver - How Good is Silver for a Men's Wedding Ring?

One of the most well-known metals in the world, silver is both practical and affordable. It is a popular and obvious choice.


  • Silver rings do require your time, attention and effort.

  • Over time, silver will tarnish. This means that you will need to have your silver ring regularly polished and cleaned.

  • Being a soft metal, silver is also prone to scratching. This means you will definitely see signs of wear and tear over a relatively short period of time.

  • Additionally, and again because of silver being soft, silver rings tend to become bent and out of shape. Simple day to day wear, knocks and pressure will cause your ring to lose its shape and bend.

Overall – 5 out 10

Silver is a good choice for a ring if you are restricted to a low budget.

Your ring will look great for a time but will tarnish over the years and is at high risk of becoming scratched.

It is also likely to lose its shape and become bent. Silver rings require a lot of looking after – polishing regularly and removing when involved in physical activities.


  • Titanium is a metal with superpowers. Durable, tough and hard-wearing. Incredibly lightweight and so comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element.

For the man who likes to play hard – whether for work or leisure, construction or sport, a titanium ring is one that you can rely on.

It is incredibly strong and exceedingly durable. Even with grit, grind and manual labour, a titanium ring will not bend, crack or become out of shape.

  • With its silver – white metallic color, titanium rings look sleek, lustrous and chic.
  • Titanium is a reactive metal which means that it can be anodized in different colors by electrolysis or thermal treatment. So, although naturally silver, titanium rings are also available in colors such as black, blue and gold.

There are so many design options with titanium; it is easy to find the perfect ring. Many of our titanium rings feature distinctive and outstanding inlays.

  • You can rest assured that your titanium ring will not corrode or tarnish over time.
  • Being such a strong metal, a titanium ring has incredible scratch resistance.

Although, like any metal, it will scratch, scratches will be very shallow – surface level and so easy to buff out. Rings made with gold, silver, platinum and palladium will scratch much deeper.

Overall – 10 out 10

If you are looking for a wedding band or ring that it durable, tough and hard-wearing, Titanium has it all.

  • The magic secret of Titanium – it’s so lightweight and easy to wear.

Titanium asks for very little in the way of looking after – just a quick clean and wipe every now and again. It will not corrode and comes without the risk of becoming bent or misshapen.

The rock like stability of titanium provides a ring with a message.

It says strong, dependable and everlasting. Surely the very attributes that a wedding band or important statement ring deserves.

Tungsten - Why is Tungsten an Incredible choice for a Men's Wedding Band?

The durability and strength of tungsten carbide has made this an incredibly popular choice. Like titanium, this is an unbeatable choice in ring for a man who works or plays hard.

  • Extremely scratch resistant
  • A tungsten ring will not bend or become out of shape.

Around 10 times harder than 18 karat gold and 4 times as hard as titanium, a tungsten carbide ring is the strongest and most durable that you can get.

As well as being highly resistant to scratching…

  • Tungsten is a metal that will not tarnish. This means that your tungsten ring will remain in pristine condition without any attention or looking after. A quick wipe with a soft cloth is all that is needed.

An Amazing Choice of Designs…

Tungsten is creative choice for a wedding band or statement ring.

There are many different designs – a range of colors as well as stunning inlays such as wood, shell or antler. Or if you prefer a more traditional style, tungsten is there for you too.

Tungsten is denser than other metals which provides it with such strength. It also means that a ring crafted with tungsten is sturdy and solid.

It is a weighty ring – you’ll know that you are wearing it. Some men see this as an advantage and others will prefer the lightweight of titanium. It really depends on what you prefer.

Overall – 10 out 10

Tungsten provides intense strength, durability and scratch resistance. It demands none of your attention.

It will not corrode or tarnish but will remain lustrous and in perfect condition. So strong, a tungsten ring cannot bend or become out of shape. 

This is a robust ring that will feel reassuringly strong on your finger. Solid and sturdy, a tungsten ring is for the man who works with his hands.

For the man who thrives on adrenaline and adventure. This ring will have your back. Its strong enough to look after itself and tough enough for you to rely on it.

How to Make the RIGHT Choice

2nd Choice

It’s clear that each of the different metals have something special to offer.

  • Gold has traditionalism, luxury and glamour.
  • Palladium is a practical choice being both durable and affordable.
  • Platinum is highly valued, strong and durable.
  • Silver gives you an affordable ring that shines brightly.

1st Choice

  • Tungsten or
  • Titanium rings

Titanium and Tungsten carbide make rings with exceptional superpowers. Almighty strength and durability. Extreme scratch resistance. Unique and contemporary designs with choices of colors and inlays, as well as more traditional styles.

Tungsten has that added strength and makes a ring that is solid and sturdy.

While titanium is super strong but yet so light weight that you will forget you are wearing a ring.

Now while we understand that everybody is different, we do see tungsten and titanium as the superior choice for a ring.

Who wants to worry about getting their ring scratched? Or bent? Or taking it to the jewelry shop for a polish.

We know that life is busy. We know that you need a ring that will look after itself. One that you can wear everyday and that will shine brightly among dirt, grit and grime.

This is why at Manzora we have chosen the ultimate selection of designer titanium and tungsten carbide rings.

Now pay attention, we just want you to understand all there is to know about both titanium and tungsten carbide.

All your questions answered about Tungsten Carbide


Fast becoming one of the most popular choices for a men’s wedding band or statement ring, tungsten carbide is absolutely perfect for a man. It’s mighty weight makes you feel important – as well you should.

It’s solid and sturdy making it tough, durable and everlasting. It won’t corrode or tarnish and needs zero looking after. Tungsten is the most scratch resistant metal known in this world.

You can simply get on with your life and have no worries about your ring. And while you are busy not worrying, your ring gives you a gorgeous manly elegance and charm.

Tungsten carbide is ideal for a wedding band. You can rely on your ring to last you a lifetime.


You can relax knowing that your tungsten ring will not rust or tarnish. In years to come, it will still look as good as new.


Its name comes from the Swedish words “Tung Sten” meaning “heavy stone”. Unsurprisingly, this reflects the almighty strength and power of tungsten.

Tungsten is more resistant to breaking than diamond and incredibly, is much harder than steel. Tungsten is ten times harder that the strongest gold jewelry.

On the Mohs scale or hardness, tungsten is rated at about a 9. Compare this to diamond which is the hardest substance on earth – rated at a 10.

Tungsten carbide is about 5 times harder than steel and about 3 times harder than titanium and cobalt chrome.


The most scratch resistant metal of all metals, tungsten can only be scratched by a material that is harder than itself. And that is pretty much restricted to diamonds!

You can wear your tungsten ring no matter what you are doing and know that it is going to be OK. It’s not going to get scratched – or show any signs of wear and tear.

So be free, be wild and most importantly be yourself. And rest assured that your ring will look great no matter what.


This superpower of a ring takes a lot of pressure to break. It is so strong and almighty that breakages are extraordinarily rare.

However, it is possible to break a tungsten ring. The fact that they do not bend or give in any way means that if extreme pressure is applied, they will actually crack and break.

And by extreme pressure – we mean if the ring drops from a substantial height. Or gets bashed with a hammer.

Simply dropping your tungsten ring on the floor – or knocking it – will not break it.

It will only crack under absolute extreme pressure. Without deliberate abuse, it simply should not break.


Should you experience a medical emergency and your hand has swollen, you will need to remove your ring. This would of course be true with any other ring, but the strength of tungsten makes it necessary to use vice grip pliers to break the ring.

What you need to do:

  • Clamp the vice grip pliers loosely onto the ring
  • Tighten the pliers until you hear a crack
  • Remove the pliers and place in a different position on the ring
  • Keep tightening the pliers until you hear a crack and then moving onto a different position.
  • Eventually the ring will break and fall off the finger.

Depending on your situation, it may be worth trying a gentler approach: soak your hand in ice cold water for 1 – 2 minutes and also use a lubricant such as hand lotion, butter or petroleum jelly. The lubricant should be applied between the ring and the knuckle.

Then hold the ring with a towel and pull the ring off in a rocking motion.

While removing your tungsten carbide ring may seem a little complicated, the strength and durability of your tungsten ring will actually protect your finger.

In comparison to tungsten, a gold or silver ring which is naturally soft and malleable, has the potential to further injure your finger in an accident – it can become deformed, squashing right into the finger. OK – that’s enough I know.


Yep. Oceans, showers, baths – and torrential rain. Your tungsten ring won’t even notice it’s wet. Water is no match or threat to tungsten. 

Being such a hard material, the water cannot be absorbed but instead will simply roll off the ring without a trace.

However, note that tungsten is sensitive to harsh cleaning products such as bleach, chlorine and ammonia. This means that it’s a good idea to take off your ring when in the pool or a hot tub / jacuzzi.


It’s as easy as anything; as easy as turning on the TV – or pouring a drink – or breathing. Your tungsten ring will need very little in terms of looking after.

Simply clean the ring every now and again with water and mild soap solution. That’s all you need to keep your tungsten ring looking pristine, gleaming and simply marvelous. Your tungsten ring will pretty much take care of itself.


The main problem with a tungsten carbide ring is that it cannot be resized. This is really due to the phenomenal strength of tungsten.

We obviously advise you to measure your finger as accurately as possible and have put together a guide on helping you to find your correct finger size.

However, we do understand that finding the perfect size of ring can sometimes be a little tricky. For this reason, we have made it really easy for you to exchange your ring for a different size.

If you do order a ring size that you find to be slightly too small or too big, we are here to help. It couldn’t be easier to exchange your ring at no additional cost.


Tungsten will not turn your finger green.

If you were to purchase a cheaper tungsten ring from a different seller, – specifically a tungsten ring that has been alloyed with cobalt, you will risk a green finger.

The rings here at Manzora are alloyed with nickel which will not cause your finger to turn green.


For men with sensitive skin or allergies to metals, it is good to know that tungsten carbide does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations.

Although our tungsten carbide rings do contain nickel (which can cause allergic reactions), it is a very small part of the final mixture. This means our tungsten carbide rings are hypoallergenic. 


These are the two metals which make rings with superpowers. Almighty rings and with such style and flair. Here at Manzora, we think tungsten and titanium stand out as being the absolute ultimate when it comes to choosing a metal for your ring.

Choosing between the two is like choosing between a single malt scotch and a shaken martini. Yep, I know – both incredible and choices you simply can’t go wrong with.

But there are differences. Not that one is better than the other. More a question of personal preference.

Both tungsten carbide and titanium are massively stronger, more durable and harder than other precious metals such as gold and platinum.

But there is a winner here in terms of strength – tungsten is the strongest and is one of the hardest materials of all. Tungsten measures 9 on the Mohs scale (which measures mineral hardness) and titanium scores 6.

One of the key differences between the two is the weight and feel of the ring.

A tungsten ring is weighty and feels substantial. In comparison, a titanium ring is as light as anything. Some men prefer the weight of tungsten – it’s a ring that feels important and solid on the finger.

Other men prefer the comfort and lightweight of titanium. It is your choice – whatever you prefer.

Both tungsten carbide and titanium offer excellent scratch resistance.

Because it is a harder material, tungsten is more scratch resistant. It takes a harder material than itself to be scratched – as there are so few materials harder than tungsten, it has incredible scratch resistance.

Diamond is one of the few materials that is harder than tungsten – so it would pretty much take a diamond to leave a scratch in tungsten! Titanium has superb scratch resistance, but it is not completely scratch resistant.

But while tungsten wins on the strength and scratch resistance, it is titanium that wins on crack resistance! Tungsten is extremely hard and non-malleable.

The flip side of this is that extreme pressure can cause tungsten to crack. In comparison, titanium is less likely to crack or shatter. 


Both tungsten and titanium are affordable metals, especially when compared to rings made with gold or platinum. Tungsten and titanium rings are strong and durable – they are designed to be worn everyday and are both very reasonably priced. Cost wise, there is not much between tungsten and titanium.

And the brilliant thing is, both are a sound investment in a ring. This is because your tungsten or titanium ring will last.

When worn every day – and even with a lot of intense work and play, your tungsten or titanium ring will remain in perfect condition – gleaming and stunning as always. 


Titanium is a spectacular choice for a wedding band or statement ring. Like tungsten, titanium is tough, almighty and as durable as anything.

It offers extreme scratch resistance as well as being resistant to bending or becoming out of shape. And a titanium ring will only crack or break under absolute extreme pressure – way out of the ordinary kind of pressure.

And the jewel in the crown is that a titanium ring is also incredibly lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

This is a massive benefit to men who don’t like the feel and weight of a ring on their finger. You won’t even notice you are wearing a ring made of titanium.


It really is virtually impossible to find fault with titanium. No, highly resistant to corrosion, a titanium ring will not rust or tarnish. Even with dirt, grit and grind and heavy wear and tear over the years, your titanium ring will remain in pristine condition.  


Titanium is the king of strength and durability. Slightly (and we mean very slightly), less strong than tungsten, titanium is far superior in terms of strength and durability in comparison to virtually all metals, including gold, platinum and palladium.

Titanium is 4 times harder than silver, 3 times harder than gold and about 2 x harder than platinum.

It may make you proud to know that your titanium ring has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any natural metal known to humankind. Just in case anyone asks you….

Pure titanium is stronger than standard steel – but amazingly is less than half the weight.

You can carry on in your own care-free way (with not a thought or worry about your ring) knowing that it’s tough enough to look after itself. This is a ring that will not bend, become misshapen or crack. It’s a ring you can depend on.


A titanium ring offers excellent scratch resistance – far superior to gold, platinum, silver or other metals. But do note that a titanium ring is not completely scratch resistant.

Unlike tungsten that is strong and hard, titanium is strong but not especially hard. This means that it can get scratched. However, scratches tend to be shallow and just on the surface. This makes them less noticeable – and easy to buff out.


Due to its inherent strength, a ring made with titanium has incredible crack / break resistance. You will find that your titanium ring will not chip or shatter. Nor will it bend or become out of shape. Your titanium ring is robust to the absolute core.


Don’t panic, you can remove your titanium ring if something goes horribly wrong with your hand. In the case of an accident and emergency, use a ring cutter (as used in jewelry shops or an accident and emergency department at the hospital) to remove the ring.

To remove your titanium ring, it will require two cuts at opposite ends. The first cut will need to go all the way through. The second cut only half to three quarters through. The two sides will then open like a hinge.


Just to show off more of titanium’s superpowers, titanium is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion. This includes sea water and chlorine.

This means that you can wear your titanium ring without risk of spoiling, in the ocean or swimming pool. In the shower or while washing the dishes (not so glamorous I know).

And if you are a worrier, you may like to know that titanium is also rust resistant. This means that your titanium ring can withstand long periods in the water without rusting. So, if you are a guy who spends time in the water, titanium may be the choice for you.


Just like a tungsten ring, a ring crafted with titanium is as easy as to look after.

Simply use warm water and some mild dish washing liquid. Depending on how dirty the ring is, you may wish to soak the ring – or simply use a soft cloth to gently clean the ring. When your ring is clean, dry it with a clean towel.

You can also use ammonia or a jewelry cleaning solution to clean your titanium ring.

You’ll have your ring glistening again in a few short moments.


A disadvantage of a titanium ring is that it cannot be resized. Have a look at our guide on finding out your ring size so that you stand the best chance of getting this right.

But don’t panic – if you order a ring that turns out to be too big or too small, we will simply exchange your ring for a different size. No questions asked and no hassle at all.


You can rest assured that your titanium ring will not turn your finger green.

Titanium rings do not tarnish. It is an inert metal that does not react with other chemical substances.


For those men with sensitive skin, the wonderful news it that titanium is a non-allergenic material. In fact, titanium is 100% hypoallergenic. This makes titanium a reliable and excellent choice for men with sensitive skin or an allergy to metals.

You can wear your titanium ring without the risk of a skin irritation or any kind of allergic reaction.

It is in part due to its hypoallergenic properties that titanium is used so widely in surgical implants. It really is that hypoallergenic!


Although science has been unable to provide evidence or back up the theory, titanium is thought to stabilize the body’s flow of energy.

Many Major League Baseball players chose to wear titanium coated necklaces because of the healing properties and benefits of titanium.

Maybe this has more to do with marketing. And maybe more to do with psychology with the titanium having a bit of a placebo effect.

It really depends on your beliefs. If you want to put your faith in the healing powers of titanium, you are not the first – and definitely not the last. It’s a good thought at the very least.


black mens ring 8mm tungsten hammered wedding anniversary engagement band in all sizes
The Luna ring has a hammered finish, reflecting the light from all angles
Picture of silver tungsten ring for men
Bursting with elegance, the Silver Master ring for men has highly polished sides with brushed silver at the centre.

The ‘finish’ of the ring is a key part; the finish really defines the style, look and feel of the ring.

As well as working out the type of metal you want and the colour you prefer, it is helpful if you can think about what finish you want to go for. The main types of ‘finishes’ available are; polished, brushed, satin or hammered.

  • Polished –Probably the most popular finish on rings as well as other jewelry pieces. A polished finish means that the ring is shiny, glistening and reflective. You can see your reflection in a ring that has a polished finish.

A great choice for a sophisticated and elegant style.

  • Brushed –Chic and contemporary, you can see tiny ‘brush’ marks on the finish of the ring. The effect is that although the ring is gleaming, it is not actually shiny. The brushed finish makes the ring have a slight texture.

Style wise, a ring with a brushed finished is contemporary with a debonair, understated grace.

  • Satin– This finish is a bit of a combo of polished and brushed. A satin finish has the smoothness and sleek style of the polished finish – mixed with the contemporary brushed look of the brushed finish. Unlike the brushed finished which has a textured feel, the Satin finish is smooth to touch. So, to put it very simply, the Satin finish is smooth but not shiny.
  • Hammered – The hammered finish is extremely distinctive and really defines the entire look of the ring. The ring is textured and has an uneven and dimpled look.

    Hammered finishes are truly made through hammering – although gentle hammering with care and precision rather than the type of hammering most of us would enjoy doing ourselves. After the ring has been hammered, a satin finish is often applied so that the ring is not reflective and highly polished.

As well as choosing what type of finish you want for your ring, think about whether you want an inlay using a different type of material or whether you want your ring to be purely made with tungsten carbide or titanium.

Inlays look stunning and make the ring stand out from the crowd.

IMPORTANT – It is worth considering the fact that some of these rings made with inlays (particularly wood) will then require slightly more care from you.

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, this may not be an issue but definitely something to consider. For more specific information, you may like to look at our section ‘What Material Should My Ring Be’.

Black Tungsten Ring for Men
Devotion is sophisticated in the extreme. The highly polished rose gold grooves compliment this matte black tungsten ring design
Silver Tungsten Ring with Inlay of Natural Wood
The Woodsman is a stunning and highly polished silver tungsten ring with a contrasting inlay of natural wood. Reassuring and dignified, this ring is incredibly elegant.


It is thought that the first people to wear wedding bands were the Ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have found relics (including papyrus scrolls) dating to 6,000 years ago which show that braided rings of hemp or reeds were given to brides.

Later these fragile rings were replaced with ones made of leather, bone or ivory. It seems to be thought that the more expensive the material, the more love was being shown. Equally significant, the value of the ring also represented the wealth of the person giving the ring.

Hieroglyphics indicate that the Ancient Egyptians believed the circle to be a symbol of eternity. The ring represented the unending love between the spouses.  This symbolism is still relevant today.

In Ancient Rome, the groom would give his bride a ring made of iron. This is the beginning and origins of the metal wedding bands of today. Iron was seen to represent strength and permanence.


Interestingly, it is the wearing of wedding rings by brides that can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

The ring was given to the woman as part of the marriage proposal. But it is only in the later part of the last century that bridegrooms began to wear a wedding band.

A big influence in this change of tradition was World War Two. Many soldiers began wearing a wedding band as a sentimental reminder of their wives and families back at home. Likewise, in the Korean War, wedding bands became more meaningful to men.

It was during the mid-20th Century that men wearing a wedding band became the norm. There began an expectation for the groom to wear a wedding band.

The popularity of matching wedding rings for couples increased and then emerged ring designs specifically styled for men.

Another major influence in the rise of men wearing wedding bands is equality and women’s rights. Historically, the ring worn by the bride was a symbol of ownership by her husband.

The 20th century saw the advance of women’s rights, with the suffragette movement becoming increasingly prominent and successful. So, men wearing wedding bands became a symbol of husband and wife being equals and united together.


Wearing your ring on the ‘ring finger’ (fourth finger) has its roots in ancient times. In the times of Ancient Rome, it was believed that the vein in the ring finger ran directly to the heart.

They named this vein the vein of love – “vena amoris”. So, quite naturally, the wedding band was placed on this finger with its special connection to love.

This romantic notion has long been overturned by science. In fact, all of your fingers have veins connected to the heart. But the tradition seems to have stuck.

Interestingly, while in the US and UK, and many other Western countries, the wedding band is worn on the left hand – it is worn on the right hand in many parts of the world, including much of Eastern and Northern Europe and India. In some countries, the Engagement ring is worn on one hand and the wedding ring on the other.

So, history and cultural differences certainly shows you that it doesn’t have to be the traditional ring finger on the left. It really is your choice whether to follow your cultural tradition – or go your own way


This really is a choice that needs to be made between the couple. The important thing is that you both choose a ring that you are happy wearing for the rest of your married life. Whether you choose together or separately – for each other or for yourselves.

Some couples prefer to have wedding bands that match while others may choose different styles and designs. There is no wrong or right answer here. It is simply up to you.


Like anything, this really comes down to you and how much you want to spend. You may want to factor the price of the wedding ring into your wedding budget.

Just to give you a very approximate idea, a wedding band for a man will cost somewhere between $100 and $2000. The average price is around $600.

For men’s wedding bands, the most popular colors are yellow gold, silver, rose gold and black. While gold and silver colors have their roots in tradition, black is a relatively new phenomenon.

As well as the basic fact that a black ring looks sleek and sexy, it may also have something to do with the fact that black is a highly symbolic colour.

It speaks for your strength, commitment and conviction. Just the perfect attributes needed for a marriage. And for a statement ring, black is fearless. Almighty and strong. It has huge masculine appeal.


Choosing a ring is all about you. It’s your chance to pick a ring that says something about you. That adds edge or glamour to your style.

There are so many to choose from, but you will get there in the end.

First decide on your metal. Then think about your color. And then you can begin to figure out the style that suits you.

This is your choice. Make it your ring. And we are here to help. Please get in touch with any questions and we would be delighted to assist you.