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What Should My Ring be Made of?

What's the Best Ring Material?

We believe in providing you with a ring that is insanely durable, incomparably scratch resistant and that will last you a lifetime. That is why our rings are made with either tungsten carbide or titanium. This leaves you with a delightful dilemma – you simply can’t go wrong in what you choose. But in this piece, we would like to give you all the details. 

Have a look at titanium right now

Adding an element such as wooddeer antler and abalone shell adds another dimension to your ring and it is important to consider how this impacts on the ring’s care requirements. We cover this at the end of this section.

Display of 7 tungsten carbide rings for men
The hardest and most durable of metals, tungsten makes a ring that is virtually indestructible
Display of 6 titanium rings
Titanium, as strong as an ox but as light as a feather

Tungsten Carbide

Almighty and strong with sensational style, Tungsten is fast becoming one of the most popular choices in terms of wedding bands and rings.

This substantial material is absolutely ideal for a man. It feels sturdy to wear, solid and reassuringly strong. It is the perfect match for a practical man who loves manly elegance and flair.

And the Jewel in the Crown ……. Tungsten is incredibly durable. It is highly resistant to scratches and general wear and tear. This means that you can get on with life and know that your Tungsten band will be still be in perfect and immaculate condition.

Whether you are working in construction, spend your days repairing cars or climbing trees and mountains – Tungsten is so practical and solid. You simply don’t need to worry about it getting tarnished or scratched.

So, if you are a busy, active and practical man, Tungsten Carbide may be the material for you. 

Chase - Black Tungsten Ring with Groove of Rose Gold at the Rims
Debonair in the extreme. Made with tungsten, this pristine ring will remain perfect no matter what grit and grind you put it through
Contemporary gold and silver ring for men made with tungsten carbide
A stunning contemporary twist on a more traditional gold band. Made with tungsten, this ring will always have your back covered

The Story of Tungsten Carbide

Unlike Gold, Silver and Platinum, Tungsten has never been mined or sought after for its shine and sparkle. In fact, its main appeal and original usage comes from its superior strength and robustness.

Its name comes from the Swedish words “Tung Sten” meaning “heavy stone”. This reflects and highlights the essential properties of Tungsten – its weight and strength. Tungsten is more resistant to breaking than diamond and incredibly, is much harder than steel.

When uncombined, Tungsten is a steel-gray colored metal. Tungsten is only found naturally on Earth when combined in chemical compounds.

First discovered as long ago as 1781, the free element of Tungsten is known for its tough physical properties. It has the highest melting point of non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements, just behind carbon.

Tungsten Carbide (often just known as tungsten) is a chemical compound of tungsten and carbon. Formed of equal parts of Tungsten and Carbon, Tungsten Carbide starts off as a fine gray powder. This powder can be pressed and formed into a desired shape – for example tools, machinery or jewelry. It is approximately 10 times harder than 18 ct gold.

Tungsten has many uses and is used in many fields – industry, construction, military, electrical and commercial. It is used for the tip of a ballpoint pen, in surgical tools, in skis, farriery, ammunition and tools of every kind – and of course jewelry such as Tungsten Carbide rings, watches, pendants and bracelets.

What does that mean for you? Tungsten is incomparably tough and durable. It is also more affordable than precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum.

The Historic Prominence of Tungsten Carbide

You may be surprised to find out that Tungsten Carbide had a key role in the Second World War. It was used by both sides and was absolutely vital in the production of weapons. The volume of soldiers and level of artillery and machines required was phenomenal. Due its many benefits and unparalleled effectiveness, Tungsten Carbide was in huge demand.

After the conclusion of World War Two, Tungsten Carbide had established itself as widely recognized and highly valued – remaining in high demand.

Tungsten Carbide as Wedding Bands and Rings

It was a good few years after this widespread recognition that Tungsten Carbide first became used by the jewellery industry.

In the 1960’s, Rado was the very first company to make a scratch-proof watch using Tungsten Carbide. And there followed the realization that Tungsten Carbide was the perfect material to make stylish and yet incredibly durable rings and necklaces.

Here at Manzora, we offer a huge variety of rings and wedding bands made with Tungsten Carbide.

A choice of black, gold, silver, blue and many different styles. Many with beautiful and inspiring insets made of materials such as wood, natural antler bone or colourful opal. Some of our Tungsten Carbide designs also have imprints, laser engravings and have very intricate designs.

Tungsten Carbide is a unique blend of Mother Nature and Modern Science – providing you with an extraordinary material that is perfect for a wedding band or ring.

To really understand what Tungsten Carbide has to offer you as a choice of ring material, we have compiled a list of features.

Dapper - Rose Gold Ring for Men
A lustrous and romantic Rose Gold ring for men. A tradition style in robust and incomparably strong tungsten carbide
Classic silver wedding band, gleaming and gorgeous. Made with tungsten carbide, this ring will remain pristine no matter what

The Extraordinary Qualities and Features of Tungsten Carbide

To really understand what Tungsten Carbide has to offer you as a choice of ring material, we have compiled a list of features.

  • Durability and Strength –Tungsten Carbide is the hardest metal used in jewellery. Its strength provides long term durability and it also offers extreme scratch resistance

Tungsten is so strong that unlike gold and other precious metals, it will not bend and become out of shape. Note that when pressure is applied to a gold ring, say in an accident, the ring will become out of shape and dig into your finger and cause further injury.

In contrast, if extreme pressure is applied to a Tungsten ring, it will actually shatter and crack.

This effectively works as a safety mechanism; your hand being protected from a ring that could potentially cause you additional injuries.

To compensate for any broken ring, at Manzora, we do offer a lifetime warranty in case of breakage. This means that if, in the very unlikely event that your Tungsten ring cracks and breaks, we will replace your Tungsten ring at no additional cost to you.

So, for practical men who work with their hands, Tungsten is a brilliant choice for a wedding band or ring.

  • Colour and Style – With their contemporary appearance, Tungsten rings and wedding bands are available in a variety of colours and styles – black, silver, blue, gold.

    Many have a unique inset made with different materials such as wood, antler, turquoise and shell. The wide variety of styles available make it possible for you to choose a ring that is exceptional and completely right for you.

  • Weight and Significance – As well as durability, the strength of Tungsten Carbide makes a ring that feels strong – solid and significant. The perfect feel for a ring for a man.

    Adding style as well as practicality, Tungsten are the heaviest rings available on the market – providing weight and solidity. A Wedding Band or ring made with Tungsten Carbide is substantially heavier than 14 k gold and metals such as titanium and stainless steel.

  • 100% Hypoallergenic – Choosing a Tungsten ring if you have any skin irritations or allergic reactions to metal is a brilliant choice. However, you need to be sure that you are choosing a Tungsten ring that is 100% hypoallergenic – like all of them that we sell at Manzora.

Many of the cheaper Tungsten rings that you may see available may by manufactured using industrial grade tungsten.

This industrial grade tungsten is suitable for many uses – but not for jewelry due to the potential of skin problems. 

So, beware of Tungsten rings that appear to be a little too cheap – there is a reason. 

At Manzora, and other reputable jewelers, only rings made with high grade jewelry grade Tungsten Carbide are used.

This is then mixed with a nickel binder (superior and more expensive than cobalt). Note that you cannot get a ring that is made of pure Tungsten Carbide. This is because it cannot be shaped without a binder of some kind.

Although many people with metal allergies would be allergic to nickel, the amount of nickel used in our tungsten rings is so negligible that it is extremely rare to cause a reaction of any kind.

  • Other Points to Consider– Tungsten rings cannot be resized. This means that it is really important to get your ring sizing right before ordering a ring.

It is also worth noting that Tungsten rings can be quickly removed in a medical emergency with vice grip pliers.

Before you do this though, do try and soak your hand in ice cold water for 1-2 minutes and then use a lubricant (such as hand lotion, butter, petroleum jelly). This needs to be applied between the ring and the knuckle. Hold the ring with a towel and pull the ring off in a rocking motion.

Looking after your Tungsten wedding band or ring

Your Tungsten ring will need very little in terms of looking after. And the simpler the care the better…. Simply clean the ring with water or mild soap solution. This is more than enough to keep your Tungsten ring looking at its very best – shining, magnificent and stunning.

Overall –Wedding Bands and Rings made of Tungsten Carbide are strong, durable and stunning. They are sometimes unconventional and will most definitely stand out. With so many unique and different styles to choose from, all Tungsten rings are strong and durable. They provide a ring that is weighty –solid and substantial.

Tungsten are perhaps the most manly of rings. The perfect choice for people who are both practical and stylish.


The perfect choice for a man with a lot of hard work to do. Titanium is extremely lightweight but offers incredible strength and durability. Titanium will withstand a lot of grit, grind and manual labor and it will not bend, crack or become out of shape.  

And being particularly lightweight, it is incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. 

And the practical man who also loves some luxury and luster, titanium offers exactly that. With longstanding shine and sparkle, a titanium Wedding Band or Ring looks simply magnificent. As Titanium doesn’t corrode and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear, your ring will keep shining for a lifetime.

At Manzora, we have many unique designs of Titanium Wedding Bands and Rings to choose from. Ranging from simple to intricate.

The design options are limitless when it comes to Titanium rings – many feature unique inlays, etchings and other beautiful details.

If you are looking for a Wedding Band or ring that it durable, tough and hard-wearing, Titanium has it all. And the magic secret of Titanium – it’s so lightweight and easy to wear.

Exactly What is Titanium?

Without doubt, Titanium is an element with incredible superpowers. It is almost the definition of strength. A lustrous metal that is silver in colour, it is essentially famed for its combined low density and extreme high strength. Almighty Titanium is as strong as steel yet approximately 40% lighter in weight.

Titanium was first discovered in 1791 by William Gregor in Cornwall, Great Britain. It was later given its name by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Named after the Titans of Greek Mythology; “the incarnation of natural strength” – the name says it all.

Very appropriate for an element that has superpowers, Titanium has very dramatic origins. It actually forged in the depths of supernovas (essentially collapsing stars). In 2012, there was a study of a specific dying star known as Supernova 1987A. It was found that one single supernova can create 100 Earths worth of Titanim-44.

Titanium is the ninth most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It is actually found in almost all living things, as well as bodies of water, rocks and soils.

If you want a ring with a message. Titanium may well be the one with the most to offer. Superpowers. Incredibly strong and long lasting. And with a practical spirit – non-corroding and without risk of the ring becoming bent, misshapen or broken.  

Titanium and its Many Uses

With such strength and being remarkably lightweight, it is no wonder that there are so many uses for Titanium.

It is often alloyed with iron, aluminium, vanadium and molybdenum (and other elements) to produce strong, lightweight alloys for aerospace. This includes jet engines, missiles and spacecraft). It is also heavily used in the military, for industrial processes, automatic, agriculture, medical prostheses, orthopedic implants, dental and endodontic instruments and files, dental implants, sporting equipment, mobile phones – and jewelry of course!

Despite the fact that Titanium was first discovered as early as 1791, it’s widespread use is comparatively recent.

The element was only successfully isolated in 1910. And it wasn’t until the 1930’s that William J. Kroll invented a process that made extracting Titanium possible on an industrial scale.

The process of extracting Titanium is 10,000 times less efficient than that used to extract iron (according to the Royal Society of Chemistry). This explains why Titanium tends to be a more expensive metal despite its abundance in the Earth’s crust.

The Remarkable Qualities and Features of Titanium

In addition to its many exciting uses around the World, Titanium is perfect for a Men’s Wedding Band or ring. It has many features that make it stand out as the one to choose.

  • Extreme Strength and Resilience – If durability is your priority, Titanium is your guy. Renowned for their strength and durability, Titanium Wedding Bands and Rings will not bend, break or melt under any ordinary conditions. They are virtually indestructible. Whereas gold or gold rings tend to lose their shape, a Titanium ring will maintain its perfect condition and shape.

Symbolically, your Titanium Wedding Band speaks of everlasting strength. Every marriage needs this kind of enduring strength and rock-like stability.

  • Outstanding Scratch Resistance – A Titanium Ring offers superb scratch resistance. Although they can become scratched (just like any other metal) they can withstand a lot of abuse before they show any sign of wear and tear.

Additionally, with Titanium, scratches will be on the surface and so shallow that they can be easily polished out. In comparison, scratches on gold and platinum would be much deeper and less easy to polish out.

  • Everlasting Luster – Titanium rings do not corrode or tarnish over time. They stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Robust and reliable – a ring you can depend on.

They are the perfect solution for men who lead active lives and work their hands pretty hard – be it for work, sport or a just a very busy and intense way of life.

  • Hypoallergenic – A sound choice for people with sensitive skin, Titanium rings are 100% hypoallergenic. So even if you are a person with sensitive skin or have an allergy to metals, you can wear a Titanium Ring or Wedding Band without the risk of skin irritation or any kind of allergic reaction.

    Interestingly, more than 1000 tonnes (2.2 million pounds) of titanium devices of every description and function are implanted in patients worldwide every year. It is so well used because Titanium is non-reactive and hypoallergenic and there is no risk of rejection.

  • Affordability – With a less painful blow to the wallet than other precious metals such as Gold and Platinum, Titanium is more affordable. Yet rest assured that you will sacrifice nothing on style, appearance, durability and luster.

    Titanium is a solid investment because of Titanium’s incredible durability. A Titanium ring or wedding band is one that will last and last and last – and will maintain its appearance for a lifetime.

  • Style and Overall Brilliance – Titanium is naturally an on-trend silver-white metallic color. Stylish and elegant as this is on its own, many of our Titanium rings at Manzora also feature inlays utilizing different materials such as Wood, Deer Antler and Shell.

    With its natural light gray coloring, Titanium can be polished so that it shines brightly or can be textured for a matte finish. In general, Titanium Wedding Bands and Rings are lighter in color than Tungsten and Stainless-Steel rings and are ordinarily more matte than Platinum and Gold rings.

    With a tremendous range of Titanium rings and Wedding Bands to choose from, there is something for every style – sophisticated, sleek, glamorous, subtle, intricate, simple and ultimately all very stunning.

  • Incredibly Easy to Wear – Lightweight and oh so comfortable, Titanium is sublime. Rings can get in the way; especially if you are working with your hands. A Titanium ring or wedding band is so extremely lightweight and comfortable – you won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

Perfect news – as you will love your Titanium ring so much, I’ll bet you won’t want to be taking it off.

Men's Black and Blue Titanium Ring
Unswerving - A stunning black titanium ring with an insert of blue. Made with strong as an ox, light as a feather titanium
Appeaser - A magnicent brushed silver ring made from titanium. Ultra durable and so comfortable you will forget you are wearing a ring

Removing your Titanium Ring in an Emergency

One More Point– With a bit of luck, this will be just for your information. Just in case though, it is worth knowing how to remove your Titanium ring in a medical emergency or accident. This will be when your fingers begin to swell.

First try soaking your hand in ice cold water for 1-2 minutes and then use a lubricant (such as hand lotion, butter, petroleum jelly). This needs to be applied between the ring and the knuckle. Hold the ring with a towel and pull the ring off in a rocking motion.

In an emergency situation such as a ring or hand injury (and if the above has not been possible or had not worked), you will need to cut the Titanium ring off with manual or power ring cutters – or bolt cutters.


Taking Care of your Titanium Ring

This couldn’t be simpler or easier. Use warm water and add a little soap (baby bubble bath or dish soap). Let your ring or wedding band soak in the warm soapy water for a few minutes. Next you will need to use a soft brush to very gently clean the ring. If you have a ring that has some crevices, simply use a toothbrush to reach into the tiny gaps. Rinse the ring before drying it with a microfiber cloth.

If you prefer, you can use a jewellery cleaning solution instead of the warm water and soap.

For a quick polish to remove everyday residue and water spots, simply give your ring a wipe with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Done – this tremendously easy maintenance will keep your Titanium ring or wedding band in the most perfect condition at all times.

An Overview of Titanium Rings

A Titanium wedding band or ring has so much to offer you. A strength that is immeasurable. A durability that is timeless. And so lightweight that you won’t notice you are wearing it. This is truly a ring with superpowers – and style to go with it too.

If this sounds like you, Titanium could be your perfect match.

Men's Rings Made with Natural Wood

If you are looking for a unique and interesting edge to your ring or Wedding Band, a ring with a Wooden inlay provides just that.

Since the beginning of humankind, people have been crafting products from wood – basic tools, weaponry and jewelry. Offering incredible natural beauty, a ring made with wood has its roots in the past. The very first Wedding Bands were made out of wood – the most easily obtainable and versatile material at this time.

Choosing a ring or Wedding Band made with Wood shows your connection to nature and your appreciation of its beauty. Wood is for the man who loves to be outdoors. It speaks of adventure, spirit and tough survival skills.

And there is something about a wooden ring that says down to earth. Practical. Honest, hard-working and wholesome. Unrivaled attributes for a man.

And for a wedding band, Wood speaks of a genuine and everlasting love. For something so natural as love, wood may well be just the thing you are looking for.

At Manzora, our range of Wooden rings are stylish, elegant and very contemporary. We use Tungsten Carbide or Titanium rings with a Wooden Inlay. The addition of Wood provides a rustic quality that is completely unparalleled. With a refreshing style, these rings stand out as unique and provide so much more than the average.

Together; Tungsten and Wood or Titanium and Wood – make an almighty ring or Wedding Band; sturdy and durable with a rustic charm and stunning elegance. Perfectly fitting for an outdoors kind of man who is both practical and sophisticated.


Durability– By making a ring that is both Tungsten Carbide and Wood – Or Titanium and Wood – we are able to offer you a ring that is strong, durable and able to withstand the test of time.

Tungsten Rings and Titanium rings are both so strong that they provide a solid foundation for an inlay of wood. They are both so tough that they will not bend or lose their shape over time. They also offer a high level of scratch resistance.

After the design is crafted, the wood is finished and sealed for protection against general wear and tear.

Special Care – The process of sealing the wood for protection also provides some water resistance. Not the type that you can go diving with but a day to day water resistance. You will be able to keep your Wooden ring on when you are washing your hands but will probably want to take it off before you go for a swim or take a shower or bath.

With a ring made of wood, it is sensible to minimize the number of times the ring gets wet. And if your ring does get wet (which it will at times), simply take it off and dry it out – either with a towel or cloth – or by simple air drying.

You will also need to remove a Wooden ring if you are dealing with any kind of chemicals or abrasives.

Men's Rings made with Naturally Shed Deer Antler

The natural choice for nature lovers who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Choose a ring or wedding band with an inlay of deer antler.

Incorporating a natural material like this into your ring speaks clearly of your connection with nature and the great outdoors – whether it be hiking, kayaking, log cabin, survival, camping, outdoor cooking, cycling, or bush craft. This is a ring that says you love adventure and have plenty of spirit. And maybe even that you like to live on the wild side of life.

And even if you do spend most of your days in the office, your Antler ring will be a connection to what you really love. And will let everyone else know that you have a life outside of your working hours.

These rings are so distinctive. Naturally shed antlers from deer are used meaning that each individual ring is unique and completely one of a kind. If you are a ‘one of a kind’ sort of man, an Antler ring may well be the one for you.

Set within a Tungsten Carbide or Titanium ring, our Antler rings and wedding bands are strong, durable and simply stunning. Undeniably outstanding, it is a ring that people will notice. An ideal choice for both a ring and a wedding band.

Men's Rings made with Abalone Shell and Mother of Pearl

Designed with the ocean loving man in mind. These are one of a kind mesmerising rings. Eye catching and striking, these are beautiful ring designs that are both distinctive and unique. 

Set within either tungsten or titanium, these are sturdy rings that are built to last. 

We hope that you have a good understanding of all your choices in terms of ring material. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please email us and we will be delighted to help in any way we can –