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What Colour Ring Should I Choose?

As you well know, choosing the perfect ring is not an easy decision. It is great to have a wide choice in rings but on the flip side, it makes choosing them overwhelming to say the very least.

One of the best ways to start your search is first selecting the metal you would like your ring to be made of. For this please see our guide to choosing the best material for your ring.

The next step is choosing the colour (or colours) that you are interested in. This way you begin to narrow your choices down. Once you know the color choice for your ring, you can then start to concentrate on style and specific details.

In this guide, we will guide you through all the colour choices available.


Black rings have become an increasingly popular choice with men in recent years Understandable really – black rings are chic, stylish, and sophisticated. 

Black is the perfect choice for the man who is looking for something that is both elegant yet distinctive. It is a solid choice that will look great with any outfit and for any occasion. Black is remarkable in the way that it feels bold but also understated. 

And as well as simply looking good, black is highly symbolic. It is the colour of strength, power, and fearlessness. It’s a serious colour that shows you are a man to be taken seriously. 

Black for a wedding band can be taken to show your earnest devotion and commitment as well as your remarkable strength and courage.

At Manzora, we can offer you a superb range of rings in black

Our range of Blue Rings are vibrant, bold and refreshing. It is the perfect choice for a contemporary and stylish man.

Blue offers a stunning contrast to both silver and black and works just as brilliantly as the main or secondary colour. Whatever you choose – blue rings are distinctive and completely outstanding. 

Symbolically, blue is a brilliant choice in colour either for a wedding band or statement ring. 

For a statement ring, blue represents calm and tranquillity. It says confident, true and dependable. And with its pure brilliance and vibrancy blue is the perfect match for a remarkable man like yourself.

And for a wedding ring, blue has it all to offer. Infinite depth and loyalty. Truthful, constant and dependable. If you want your wedding band to say it for you, blue may be your colour. 

Our range of sensational brown rings incorporate wood or natural antler bone into the ring design. Whether it is the dominant part of the ring or just a small inlay or even just visible around the rim of the ring, these natural materials – wood and antler – make a truly striking ring.

Beautifully authentic and absolutely remarkable, our brown rings will suit the man who loves an outdoor lifestyle. Your passion for nature is expressed in an elegant and simple ring design. 

Symbolically, brown conveys that you are a down to earth, honest and straight talking kind of man. You are genuine and dependable. Perfect for both a statement ring or a wedding band.

Glorious Gold. Traditionally, Gold is the most popular colour used for wedding and engagement rings. And it’s no surprise that Gold is still popular today – so bright, gleaming and elegant. 

Our range of Gold rings have the beauty of gold but being made of either tungsten carbide or titanium, are much tougher, stronger and more durable. 

We have a varied range of Gold wedding bands and statement rings that range from being more traditional to contemporary. Some are all gold while others simply have an element of gold to them. 

With roots in tradition, Rose Gold rings (and other pieces of jewellery) have experienced an enormous burst in popularity over recent years. It has even become the colour of choice in accessories, clothing and home decor.

Rose Gold is essentially gold with a hint of a reddish rose colour. This brings warmth, romance and a gentle softening to the more bright and sometimes brash yellow gold rings. It is sometimes seen as in between yellow gold and white gold. 

Rose Gold began to be used for jewellery in the mid to late 19th century. It remained popular for a period but then fell out of fashion while people began to try platinum and white gold. Then in the 1940’s, particularly at the beginning of  WW2, people turned to Rose Gold again. This was partly due to the fact that platinum and other strong metals were required for the war effort.

Since that time, Rose Gold has become established as a popular choice in ring colour. Rose Gold rings are now often referred to as vintage or even antique.

For a wedding band, Rose Gold is romantic, subtle and soothing. For a statement ring, Rose Gold has vintage appeal as well as having understated charm and elegance.

At Manzora, we have chosen rings made of tungsten carbide or titanium. This is because we believe in rings that are durable, tough and practical. You will see we have a stunning selection of Rose Gold rings that are made with tungsten or titanium – offering you the best of both worlds.

Our silver rings provide a sleek and sophisticated choice for a contemporary man. With an incredible range of ‘all silver’ ring designs, silver and black, silver and blue, silver and wood, silver and shell, and silver and antler. There is truly something here for every man. 

Symbolically, silver says cool, calm and dependable. It’s an undoubtedly elegant and sophisticated choice that guarantees a stylish look for every occasion. 

Silver has long been a popular choice for wedding bands. We have a wide range of silver rings offering some more traditional styles as well as many that are contemporary, striking and distinctive.