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Please make us smile 🙂

alan clare - newman bandsYour review makes a differance…

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. They really do help.

We’re a small family business and appreciate you taking the time to help us. 

You see, reviews really help a small business like ours, they help give potential customers trust. I’m sure you read reviews, so do lots of our customers. So, you taking 30 seconds out can make a big difference to us.

Now we know things go wrong (we’re human). Your order may have been delayed in the post (we try and send all orders within 1 working day). Perhaps it doesn’t fit, or it’s not what you expected – please just email us and we’ll help you. We even have a FREE returns process to help.

If there’s a problem please reach out – and we will be really happy to help you.

But if you’re happy 5 Stars makes an Amazing Difference…

Competing against big brands with their big ad budgets and economies of scale is hard. But your review helps.

If you can please leave us an honest review at… Trustpilot, please just click the link below