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Tungsten vs Gold rings: Which wedding band is the best for you?

tungsten vs gold
Gold has long been the go-to for wedding rings, but in recent years tungsten has grown in popularity. This article goes through the relative pros and cons of the classic gold wedding band and tungsten- pretender to the throne- so you can make an informed choice about which is the best for you.

Your Questions Answered?


Tungsten comes from the Swedish term for “heavy stone.” It is one of the hardest metals on earth, and its extremely high melting point (over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit!) makes it useful for creating light filaments and tools- as well, of course, as wedding rings. It is naturally silver in color but can also be found in white or black.

Most commonly, tungsten is alloyed with carbon to create tungsten carbide because it is quite brittle on its own. A touch of another metal, such as nickel, is added to create a stronger base for men’s wedding rings–the average being 85% tungsten carbide and 15% nickel.



Tungsten is extremely scratch-resistant, ranking at a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness (with diamond ranking as a perfect ten). Because of tungsten’s toughness, it will not warp out of shape and injure your finger in an accident.

As far as durability goes, tungsten is in a league of its own compared to popular wedding band materials.


Tungsten is a versatile metal that can be made into several different colors and designs while still keeping its original strength. Many men also choose tungsten for its sleek, contemporary looks.

Good Weight

Titanium is a light metal, similar in weight to gold. Tungsten rings are that pleasing middle-ground many men look for in a wedding band- not too heavy and not too light


This is our old economics lesson coming into play here- supply and demand. Thanks to plentiful supplies of tungsten, it is significantly cheaper than gold.

Unique designs

The selection of fresh designs available lend tungsten its thoroughly modern look. Although tungsten is a hard metal, rings come in various colors so you should have no trouble finding the one that expresses the bond you share with your partner perfectly!


Nickel-binder alloys ensure tungsten is a viable option for anyone suffering allergies to gold and other metals.


Can't be resized

Its toughness makes tungsten is an incredibly difficult metal to resize once it has been made into jewelry. (Although many manufacturers who make tungsten rings will offer a lifetime sizing policy to customers.)

Not a commodity

While gold is a tradable commodity and can easily be turned back into cash, tungsten carbide is not. This means that if you want to sell your tungsten jewelry in the future, it’ll be much more difficult than selling gold.

Not malleable

Tungsten is a very durable metal; therefore, the finer details in ring designs may not be as plentiful as other malleable alternatives.


Even though it is very resistant, tungsten is not unbreakable- despite what common wisdom may have you people believe. It’s true, it is one of the hardest on Earth and can’t be bent, but it can still crack if enough pressure is applied. However, you would need immense force to make a tungsten ring break, so it’s nothing to worry about in your day-to-day life.


Gold is a valuable metal that does not corrode and is also relatively pliable, so it can be recycled into different objects and reused. Purity levels for gold are determined by how many karats the metal has. For example, 24 karat gold is 100% pure; 18 karat gold contains 75% gold purity; 12 karat gold only has 50% gold purity.

Gold is a timeless symbol of wealth and elegance. It is hypoallergenic and more durable than other metals, making it ideal for jewelry. Gold comes in a variety of colors including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Although it scratches easily, regular cleaning and servicing will keep your gold shining like new.



Gold has held a timeless appeal stretching back centuries.


Gold is aesthetically pleasing, no doubt about it, appreciated for the warm glow it emits.


Gold is a versatile metal that comes in many designs. Gold offers a wide variety of options to choose from if you’re looking for a wedding ring. Its malleability allows jewelers to create intricate and beautiful designs, whether you want a vintage or modern look.

It also boasts a variety of color options. Your band can be yellow, rose, or white gold depending on the gold alloy. Yellow is more traditional but with the various alloys available today, you can pick a color that best suits your skin tone and enhances the design of your chosen ring.

Resale potential

Gold is always in demand on the commodities market, so you can resell it easily. Plus, this marketability makes gold jewelry a great investment.



In comparison to tungsten, gold is considerably more expensive. The cost of gold also varies depending on the state of the commodities market.

Damages easily

Although gold is more durable than some metals, it ranks relatively low on the Mohs scale of hardness at 2.5. This means that gold jewelry can easily become scratched or damaged.

Can cause allergies

Gold jewelry is never made of only gold. Other metals are mixed with gold to reinforce its color and occasionally its strength, these other metals may be the source of someone’s allergic reaction, as can the gold itself- with 9.5% testing positive for a gold allergy in one trial.

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Tungsten gold rings – you’ll get the benefit of both.

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Tungsten vs. Gold: Cleaning

How To Clean a Tungsten Ring

Tungsten rings are unique in that they don’t require much, if any, upkeep! All you need to do is wash your tungsten ring with light soap and warm water every so often. Be careful not to expose it harsh chemicals as this may cause discoloration; also, consult a professional or do additional research if your tungsten ring contains other gemstones, as they likely have different care instructions.

This video shows you how:

How To Clean a Gold Ring

Gold rings can be a little trickier, but still nothing too troublesome. As soft metals, a simple wash with soap and water might not do the trick- it may even make things worse.

Soaking your gold ring in dishwashing liquid for 10-15 minutes will do the job, but if you want to be extra careful, use a specialized solution meant specifically for gold jewelry. Also, be mindful of other precious stones on the ring as some will require different cleaning solutions.

This video will show you how

(Some very useful tips, although that guys voice may make want to start scratching your own eyeballs out…)

Gold vs Tungsten: Which is the best for you?

So, in the final weigh-in, which is best for you? It all boils down to what your priorities and preferences are.

People typically go for gold if they value that old-school classic beauty, they aren’t too concerned about the price and the upkeep, and they want a material that will hold its value as a commodity. The wealth of design and color options also play their part.

Again – As a reminder if you want a classic or modern gold ring without the cost of real gold. Take a look at these gold tungsten rings. They look stunning and are really popular.

Tungsten has become popular with men who want something different that the traditional. Something modern but durable, and something that comes in at a much more affordable price-point. Basically, that mixture of quality and price.

For all the pros and cons, those are the priorities that usually determine which of the material guys will plump for. And we hope this article has made that choice a little bit easier for you!

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Tungsten is exceptionally durable and scratch-resistant, outperforming gold in terms of withstanding daily wear and tear. It maintains its shine without much maintenance, ideal for active lifestyles. Gold, while less durable, offers a classic look but requires more care to preserve its appearance over time.

Tungsten wedding bands are more budget-friendly compared to gold. They offer modern aesthetics and durability at a lower cost. Gold, on the other hand, holds intrinsic value, making it a long-term investment. Its price is higher due to its precious metal status, historical significance, and traditional appeal in jewelry.

Resizing tungsten bands is not feasible due to their hardness and manufacturing process. If your ring size changes, you’ll likely need a new band. Gold bands, in contrast, offer the flexibility of resizing. This adaptability makes gold a practical choice for long-term wear, despite changes in finger size.

Tungsten requires minimal maintenance, easily maintained with occasional cleaning using soap and water. It’s ideal for those seeking low-maintenance options. Gold, while offering timeless elegance, needs more careful handling. Regular polishing and professional cleanings are recommended to maintain its luster and prevent scratches.

Tungsten offers a modern, sleek look with a variety of finishes and colors, suitable for those seeking contemporary styles. Its customization is mainly through different coatings and inlays. Gold, traditional and versatile, comes in various colors like yellow, white, and rose, and can be intricately designed, offering more options for personalization.