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Engagement Rings for Men: Do men wear engagement rings? Yes – and why not!

The purpose of an engagement ring is to express your love and commitment to one another (and not forgetting your intention to marry!). So, I ask you this – why shouldn’t the man wear an engagement ring? No wonder men wearing engagement rings is a growing trend – you men don’t want to miss out.

Get ready to find out everything you need to know about men’s engagement rings – as well as a few hand-picked favourites of ours. We want to help you find a men’s engagement ring that is as unique as you are, and something that expresses your love and commitment to your partner. 

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Engagement Rings for Men - A Growing Trend

The origins of the engagement ring explain why women were the only ones to wear one in the past. Essentially, the engagement ring was an expression of acceptance – that she had given her acceptance to marry.

Naturally, over time, and with marriage all about love (well at least hopefully), the engagement ring is seen as an expression of love and commitment – and that you have plans to marry. By both partners wearing an engagement ring, you are showing your joint and equal commitment. When you think about it, it seems a little strange that only one of you should be wearing the engagement ring.

More and more men are wearing engagement rings and wearing them with pride! In a recent survey, it was found that 17% of men said that they would wear an engagement ring – and this seems to be the start of a marked upward trend.

Perhaps the first hint of this trend began in the early 2000’s when a British jewellery shop designed a titanium men’s ring with diamonds embedded in it, advertising it as a men’s engagement ring.

Many women welcome the idea of their man wearing an engagement ring. It is a positive sign of the growing equality between men and women.

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What are you looking for in your Men's Engagement Ring?

Men's Engagement Ring: On What Finger?

Because the engagement ring is seen as a promise of marriage, many people choose to wear their engagement ring on the same ring finger as they would wear a wedding band – on the fourth finger of their left hand.

But before you make this decision, have a think about what you plan to do after you are married……

The idea of wearing the engagement ring on the same finger as the wedding ring works if you want to stack the engagement ring and wedding ring together – this is traditionally true for women who tend to have narrower rings (and many women’s engagement rings and wedding bands are sold as a pair). Men’s engagement rings and wedding bands are sold separately so things are a little more up to you!

If you choose a wider engagement ring, such as many of the rings popular for men, you may not want to wear the engagement and wedding band on the same finger. For this reason, you may choose to wear the men’s engagement ring on the other hand – and then keep with tradition and wear the wedding band on the left. Another idea is to wear the engagement ring on the left hand but then after you are married, swap the engagement ring to the right hand – so you then wear the engagement ring on the right, and the wedding band on the left.

Or, of course, you are welcome to choose a different finger altogether. This is a personal decision, and whatever you decide, is of course fine!

What's the Difference Between Men's Engagement Rings and Men's Wedding Rings?

There are no rules when it comes to what makes a men’s engagement ring and what makes a men’s wedding band. There isn’t much to distinguish between them and most differences are a matter of personal taste.

The slight difference between the two is that the wedding band tends to be a simpler style.  Men will often choose a wedding band that is silver, gold, or rose gold, and often of a plain design. Having said this, with the many unique ring designs available, men are becoming markedly bolder in their choices – and know that you can choose exactly what you want!

Tungsten rings are becoming a popular choice for men’s engagement rings. While many are more traditional and simple styles, tungsten rings are available in a range of colours and with many contemporary and unique styles. For example, the ring could be black, with a groove of blue or red. Or perhaps a gold tungsten ring with black edges. Or a silver tungsten ring with red on the inside. The possibilities are endless.

Another alternative is to choose a tungsten ring that has an inlay of a different material. You can show your love for nature with a tungsten and natural wood ring – or perhaps a tungsten ring with an inlay of iridescent abalone shell. The tungsten metal provides you with strength, and durability, while the inlay provides something unique and rather extraordinary.

Titanium is another fabulous choice for a men’s engagement ring. Like tungsten, titanium is affordable and offers a lot of value for money. The main difference between tungsten and titanium is that tungsten is heavier. Titanium is still an incredibly strong metal, but it is much lighter in weight. Many men prefer this as they feel that the ring is more comfortable to wear. Other men like the heaviness of tungsten and feel that it makes the ring feel substantial and important. Titanium rings also come in many styles, colours, with grooves, or with inlays.

Men's Tungsten Rings
Men's Tungsten Engagement Rings
Men's titanium rings
Men's Titanium Engagement Rings

What Happens to the Men's Engagement Ring when you get Married?

This is slightly more complicated for men than it is for women – since women tend to have an engagement ring and a wedding ring that stack together. This means there is no question about how to wear the engagement ring after you are married.

However, the wider and more substantial rings for men are not really designed to be stacked together – and frankly the finger would probably not even be big enough for that!

Every man is likely to have their own slightly differing opinion on what happens to the engagement ring after you are married – at it is ultimately up to you! Your ring! Your Life – Your Choice!

If you have chosen to wear the engagement ring on your wedding finger, you may want to move the engagement ring to your other hand. Be wary though, your right and left fingers might be different sizes, just to complicate things.

Some men may wonder why they need two rings in the first place – could the engagement ring simply become a wedding ring once you are married. This is another legitimate choice.

Or you might like to hang your engagement ring from a necklace that you wear. Or simply keep the engagement ring somewhere safe as a sentimental reminder of that time in your life.

Engagement Rings for Same Sex Couples

When it comes to same sex couples, it is usual for both partners to wear an engagement ring. It definitely makes sense when you think about it – but then again, it makes sense for both people to wear an engagement ring – whether same sex, or not.

Perhaps the popularity of the engagement ring for gay couples is in part a celebration of the fact that gay weddings finally became legalised – as recently as 2014.

Approximately half of all gay men choose to wear an engagement ring (when they are engaged of course) – and in 40% of gay couples, both men choose to wear the engagement ring.

Culture and Men's Engagement Rings

In some cultures, engagement rings for men have always been the norm. In most Latin American countries for example, both men and women wear engagement rings (on the right hand). This acts as a symbol of their commitment, devotion, and intention to marry. And then at the wedding, the engagement ring is moved from the left hand to the right – becoming the wedding ring.

Men from Latin America frequently embrace this tradition in respect for their own heritage – or that of their partner’s.

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Male Celebrities - Have you seen my Engagement Ring?

Global superstar, and everyone’s favourite singer (who doesn’t love him), Ed Sheeran got engaged to his then fiancée Cherry Seaborn in 2018. Sheeran sported an engagement ring that his fiancée was thought to have made for him! Sweet.

Before marrying his then Argentinian girlfriend (model Luisana Lopilato), Michael Buble was spotted wearing an engagement ring. Likely, Buble embraced the Latin American tradition of engagement rings for both. Sadly the marriage didn’t last, but at least they had the right intentions.

Charlie Sheen began wearing an engagement ring in 2014, when with his partner Brett Rossi. Another relationship that didn’t last – but great to see men beginning to embrace the engagement ring for themselves too!

Our Five Favourite Engagement Rings for Men

It’s almost an impossible task to choose our five favourite engagement rings for men. And with no rules or expectations for your men’s engagement ring, you can most definitely go for absolutely whatever you want.

Anyway, here goes – this is what we love:

mens silver ring modern style traditional design with groove to one side
Aspen - Chic and Flawless

Aspen – A sleek brushed silver tungsten carbide ring.

This stunning ring is 7mm wide and is slightly dome shaped. With a comfort fit, this is a stylish ring and is the perfect match if you are looking for a traditional ring with a slightly contemporary twist.

Well suited as a men’s engagement ring. 

Visionary – A stand-out distinctive men’s ring that would be a sensational engagement ring.

A black tungsten carbide ring with a centre groove of cobalt blue. With bevelled edges, this ring is super stylish. Comfort fit, this ring is 8mm wide.

Black Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men with Groove of Blue
Visionary - Simply Extraordinary
Silver tungsten ring featuring abalone shell and natural wood inlays modern style design
Iridescent - Silver Tungsten with Abalone Shell and Natural Wood

Iridescent – A majestic silver tungsten carbide ring. With a centre inlay of abalone shell, and two surrounding inlays of natural wood.

This stunningly beautiful ring has the strength and durability of tungsten carbide. Can you picture this as your one-of-a-kind men’s engagement ring? What’s not to love!


Charmer – An intriguing ring that would make a unique and wonderful men’s engagement ring.

The Charmer ring is made from lightweight yet super strong titanium. A gold ring with a hammered effect finish. To add to its elegance, the rims and inside of the ring are silver.

Titanium Ring for Men - Gold Hammered Surface with Polished Silver Rims
Charmer - Men's Gold and Silver Titanium Ring
Silver Tungsten Ring for Men - Carbon Fibre Inlay
Labyrinth - A glorious silver tungsten ring with carbon fibre inlay

Labyrinth – Mesmerising, elegant, and one of a kind. If you are looking for a men’s engagement ring that is completely out of the ordinary, the Labyrinth ring may be just what you are looking for.

This silver tungsten ring has a captivating inlay of carbon fibre. To add to the flawless style, the edges are bevelled. Not only stunning, but made of tungsten carbide, extremely strong, durable, and long lasting.



Men’s engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s no wonder. As an expression of love and commitment, it makes complete sense for both partners in the relationship to wear an engagement ring.

As the purpose of marriage has evolved from a practical arrangement to do with alliances between families for economic and / or political reasons, and is no longer arranged, the purpose of the engagement ring and the wedding band have also changed.

Whereas the original purpose of the engagement and wedding ring was to show that the woman belonged to her husband, rings are now there as a genuine and true expression of love and devotion. It is only a matter of time before men’s engagement rings become the norm. Indeed, men’s wedding rings only became the norm as late as the 1950’s, and engagement rings for men are following suit.

There are no rules, or expectations when it comes to engagement rings for men. Just go with what feels right for you. Be expressive and think about what the perfect engagement ring for you would be.

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Men's Engagement Rings from Manzora


Men’s engagement rings are gaining popularity as symbols of love, equality, and commitment in a relationship. They represent a shared intent to marry and a shift towards greater equality between partners, reflecting modern values in relationships.

Traditionally, engagement rings are worn on the left ring finger, the same as wedding bands. However, men have flexibility in choosing which finger to wear their engagement ring on, based on personal preference, comfort, and whether they plan to wear it alongside a wedding band.

Men’s engagement rings and wedding bands often differ in style. Engagement rings might be more elaborate or unique, while wedding bands tend to be simpler. However, the distinction is largely based on personal taste, and there are no strict rules differentiating the two.

Post-marriage, men can choose to wear both the engagement ring and wedding band, switch the engagement ring to a different finger, or keep it as a sentimental item. This choice depends on individual preference and the practicality of wearing multiple rings.

Men’s engagement rings come in various styles, materials, and designs, reflecting personal tastes and lifestyles. Popular choices include tungsten, titanium, and rings with unique inlays or colors, offering a wide range of options to express individuality.