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Black Rings for Men

Is Black Your Colour?

Black rings are the ultimate in terms of style. A black ring says sophisticated, sexy, and elegant. If you imagine a man wearing a black ring, I guarantee that you will be thinking of someone exceptionally stylish, contemporary, and chic. 

In recent years, black rings, especially for men, have seen a remarkable increase in popularity. And it’s no wonder when you see the range of black rings on offer.

In this post, we will look at the symbolic significance of a black ring and what black says about you. 

We will help you choose whether a black wedding ring could be the choice for you. 

Interested in history? Despite their recent rise in popularity, black rings have actually been around for a long time. 

And I’m sure that you will want to look at a range of rings for men in black – some pure black and others part of a mix. 

Black rings can be made from different metals. This post will take you through the pro’s and con’s of these metals. 

Let’s get started. 

Black Men's Ring - Tungsten Carbide
Pursuit - A Sleek black ring. A brushed matte black centre with polished black edges and interior. A simple and stylish look.
Men's Tungsten Ring - Brushed Black with Natural Wood Interior
Escapade - A dapper ring design for men. Brushed black with superbly contrasting natural wood interior (just visible at rim of the ring).
Men's Tungsten Ring - Matte Black with Groove of Gold
Opulent - Luxurious and stunning. Black with a stylish groove of gold. A simple design yet striking and sophisticated.

What Black Says About You

Black is a highly symbolic colour full of complexity and intrigue. Perhaps it is this mystery that makes it so fascinating and alluring. 

Before we get into the symbolic meaning of black though, we must first acknowledge the fact that black is essentially and visually stylish and dramatic. Without doubt, as a colour, black is visually strong and noticeable. It stands out as important and significant. And as a ring, it is undoubtedly striking and eye catching. This in part because of its contrast to the more traditional gold and silver rings, but also simply because it is a powerful and almighty colour. For all its symbolism, we cannot ignore the fact that black simply looks sexy and sophisticated. 

Symbolically, black is the colour used to represent authority. It is a colour that is difficult to ignore – or mess with. It is a colour that demands to be taken seriously. Choosing a black ring shows that you are a man to be taken seriously. A man who is significant and deserves attention. 

Black can also seen to represent the dark side of life. In the battles of good against evil, white is seen as good, and black as evil. Black is the colour of the night, of darkness, and even despair. It is generally the colour we choose to wear when in mourning. 

Both symbolically and visually,  black gives a look that means sophisticated, powerful, and elegant. It is the chosen colour for formal wear, for example, the black-tie dress code. Why black? Because it’s almighty, strong, and elegant. It gives the look of certainty and authority. 

Adding to its intriguing appeal, black also says confidence. Not just in its style, although most certainly that too. Black also implies your confidence in yourself – that you believe in yourself and know yourself to be important and a natural leader.

And black shows your fearless personality, your strength and depth. You know it’s okay to stand out and be different. You are confident in your beliefs and will stand up for what you believe in. Not only that, black seems to say that you are fearless and strong enough to tackle anything. You are incredibly tough, strong, and dependable.

And in its contrast to more traditional gold and silver, black shows your rebellious streak. You are prepared to be different, even if it means going against norms and traditions. You may not be a complete rebel, but you are unique enough to break with tradition and do something different to your parents and grandparents.

So if you are looking for a ring to that says almighty, strong, sophisticated, and fearless….. black has to be the colour.  And when you think about it like that, no wonder black is also so appealing and sexy. Think you are bold enough? Here at Manzora, we say, go for it…. make it your colour.

Black Wedding Rings

The increasing popularity of black rings includes wedding rings, particularly for men. For the most part, men are choosing black wedding bands ultimately, for style. And why not! Also appealing is the fact that they make a change from the more traditional gold and silver wedding bands – and sometimes it feels good to do something different. It gives you the option to stand apart from some of your more traditional friends and family. 

But if you are still unsure, there are some other elements that you may also be interested in. 

The History of Black Wedding Rings

History buffs may be fascinated to know that black wedding bands have their roots in the long and ancient past! The Greeks and Romans used black onyx (a type of quartz), to carve rings. Some of these rings would have been worn as a sign of wealth, simply for fashion, but also as Wedding Bands. So if your Grandmother asks why black. You know what you can tell her! Just going with tradition….. 

There is something romantic and poetic about choosing black as your wedding band when the really early wedding bands would have been black. Incredibly authentic! 

The Meaning of Black Wedding Bands

In the last section, we looked at the intriguing symbolism surrounding black. The colour of authority, strength, sophistication, and fearlessness, black shows the wearer to be strong, brave, bold, and fearless. Combine that with the meaning of the wedding band, and you have another layer of meaning. 

In a Wedding Band, black can be shown to symbolise the seriousness and strength of your relationship and marriage. It shows your intense and strong feelings – your utter commitment and seriousness. This is the ultimate way to show your eternal commitment and devotion.

If your partner feels the same way, they may also want to choose a black wedding band. This way, you can each show your strong and fearless devotion to one another. 

Practically Tough

Our range of black rings and wedding bands, are made from tungsten carbide and titanium. These are phenomenally strong metals. No matter what grit, grind, and manual labour or extreme sports you put your wedding band through – your black ring won’t mind a hoot! 

Black Ring for Men - Double Groove of Gold
Devotion - An elegant matte black dome shaped ring. With two distinctive grooves of brilliant gold.
Matte Black Ring for Men with Cobalt Blue Interior
Heroic - An impressive matte black ring with vibrant blue interior. The blue is visible at the edges when worn.
Men's Black Ring - Tungsten Carbide
The Perfectionist - Stunning black, brushed silver, and rose gold ring. Made with tungsten.

Wearing a Black Ring on your Right Hand

Of course, a black ring would also look superb on your right hand. Just be aware that you might want to avoid wearing your black ring on the middle finger of your right hand as this can be seen as a symbol of asexuality. 

The ring finger on your right hand is an obvious choice, and rings on the thumb can also look stylish. 

Black Tungsten Carbide Rings

A huge proportion of the unique and super stylish black rings available today are made with tungsten carbide. It is probably in part due to the availability of such stunning designs that black rings have seen such a surge in popularity. 

In its natural state, tungsten is a grey metal colour. To make it black, tiny particles of titanium zirconium are shot at the tungsten at an exceedingly high velocity. This makes the particles embed into the surface of the tungsten ring, making the surface of the ring black. This essentially means that the very outer surface of a black tungsten ring is actually titanium. 

Rings made with tungsten carbide are known to be incredibly strong, tough, and durable. Unlike gold or silver, which are soft metals, your tungsten ring will not become out of shape or bent in any way. Although in theory a tungsten ring can break, it would be very difficult to do so. You would literally have to bash it with a hammer to make it crack. Maybe this sounds appealing on some weird level, but we definitely don’t advise it. 

The remarkable strength and durability of tungsten carbide means that you will be able to keep wearing your black tungsten ring even when involved in heavy duty labour, contact sports, or any physical activities. Your tungsten ring will have your back at all times.

Something to note about the tungsten ring is its sturdy and significant weight. This is something people tend to either love or hate. Your tungsten ring seems to know how important it is by showing its weight. This is a heavy ring. It will take a while to get used to wearing it. 

What many people love about weighty tungsten is how it feels substantial, manly, and significant. Here you have a ring that looks stunning, and feels substantial. 

Others who prefer a more lightweight feel to their ring would do best to consider titanium…… 

Black and Rose Gold Ring for Men
Black Rose is a stunning and luxurious ring design made of tungsten carbide. The lustrous rose gold compliments the bold and dramatic black for the ultimate style and elegant look.
Aptitude - Ring for Men - Black Tungsten with Vivid Groove of Orange
Aptitude is a striking tungsten carbide ring that stands out from the crowd. The black shows your serious side and the orange your warmth and enthusiasm for life!
Gleaming Black Tungsten Ring with Silver Edges
Fearless - A simple yet magnificent ring for men. The gleaming black contrasts beautifully with the lustrous silver. This dome shaped ring is bursting with style.

Black Titanium Rings

There are many styles of black rings made with titanium that are sure to float your boat. 

Naturally a grey metal colour, a black titanium ring has been coated with another substance to turn it black (most often black rhodium). 

This essentially makes a black ring that is not only the ultimate in terms of style. It is also incredibly hardwearing and durable. Like a ring made with tungsten carbide, a ring made with titanium, will not bend or become misshapen. 

Not only can you rely on the strength and durability of titanium, some of you will be relived to hear that titanium is also remarkably lightweight. Titanium makes a ring that is insanely comfortable to wear – in fact you will forget you are even wearing a ring. 

Because of its extreme strength and natural toughness, you won’t need to take off your titanium ring no matter what kind of grit and grind you plan to put your ring through. 

For those of you who love the water, another point in favour of titanium is that it is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion. This includes sea water as well as chlorine. 

So, no matter how many laps you swim, or how often you are in the water, your ring will be there with you enjoying the moment as much as you! Titanium is actually completely rust resistant. 

Black and Blue Ring for Men made with titanium
Majesty - A majestic and distinctive design featuring bands of gleaming black and blue. Made with titanium.
Black Ring for Men - Titanium
The Acute - Featuring a raised centre which is matte black and polished black edges and interior. Made with titanium.

Black with Natural Wood

Natural wood contrasts incredibly beautifully with black. It adds an authentic and warm element to the ring which looks magnificent, striking, and elegant. It makes the ring truly distinctive and eye catching.

And if you are interested in symbolism, the wood represents your warm, down-to-earth and honest personality. This compliments your fearless and rebellious black side.

Black Men's Ring with Inlay of Natural Wood
Striker - A sensational black ring with contrasting inlay of natural wood. Both elegant and majestic.
Men's Black Ring with Natural Wood and Antler Bone
Buck - A stunning ring design featuring natural wood and naturally shed deer antler bone. Spectacular.
Black Ring with Natural Wood Inlay
Connoisseur - Stylish and elegant. Perfect for the man who enjoys all the best things in life.

Black - Make it Your Colour

Striking, dramatic, and with unparalleled style. Black rings look undoubtedly sensational. But there are many different styles within black  and I am sure you will be able to find the ring that says you.

The all-black rings have a certain edge to them. They look rock star cool and give out a confident and rebellious vibe. 

The black rings which feature a groove of gold – or a gold edging or interior are perfect for a sophisticated and dapper look. You are authoritative, bold, and ambitious. 

Black with a groove of colour such as orange, green, or blue – or a bold interior show your independent spirit. You are both bold and fearless, as well as warm and fun loving.

And black with natural wood is undoubtedly majestic. It is a perfect fit for a sophisticated and cultured man.