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Men’s Blue Tungsten Rings

Stunning, unique, and stylish. Three excellent reasons to choose a men’s blue tungsten ring. 

But there is more to it than that – blue is not only vivid and compelling, it is also highly symbolic. 

In this post, we aim to help you decide if a blue tungsten ring is the right choice for you. 

Man tries on his silver and blue tungsten ring
Find Your Style with a Gorgeous Men's Blue Ring

The Meaning and Symbolism of a Men's Blue Tugnsten Ring

Why choose a blue men’s tungsten ring – or a blue men’s titanium ring

Without doubt, blue is a popular colour. Visually, it is beautiful and vibrant. The colour of the sky and the sea. 

But more than that, blue is also highly symbolic and says a lot about the man who chooses it. A ring that is blue says calm, steady, deep, meaningful and soothing. 

Choose a blue tungsten ring as a statement ring to show your calm and tranquil spirit. A blue ring shows you to be confident, true, and dependable. Not only that, blue, with its vibrancy and spirit, is the perfect match for an incredible man like yourself!

And when it comes to men’s wedding rings, blue is a wondrous choice. Blue says so much about you- deep, loyal, truthful, constant, and dependable.

If you are looking for a ring that can express your brilliance and your personality, blue may well be the colour just for you. 

Range of Blue Rings for Men
Blue is the Colour

The Benefits of Blue Tungsten Rings

Blue rings for men are without doubt fresh, vivid, and unique.

If you are a man looking for a contemporary ring that is out of the ordinary and truly stunning, there are a lot of blue tungsten and titanium rings that may well be what you are looking for. 

Blue works well in combination with either black or silver. It can either be the dominant colour – or the secondary. Whichever way, blue rings are remarkably distinctive, and a compelling choice for men.


Styles of Men's Blue Tungsten Rings

While there is great variation in the styles of blue rings for men, virtually all blue rings for men are contemporary designs. They are a deliberate departure from the more traditional gold, rose gold, and silver rings. Designed for the man looking for something unique and stunning. 

Black with Blue

Black and blue rings are truly majestic. The contrast of black and blue is both dramatic and refreshing. 

Blue and Black Men's Tungsten Ring
Elation - £49.00

Elation is an exquisite design of ring for men. 

A brushed black, dome shaped tungsten ring with a double groove of shining polished royal blue. Also slightly visible at the rims is the ring’s polished blue interior. 

This ring is both distinctive and remarkable. A beautiful men’s tungsten ring that would work well as an eye catching men’s wedding band, or a statement ring. 


Clarity is a men’s blue tungsten ring that has an inlay of black carbon fibre. A mesmerising ring design that is unique, remarkable, and utterly stunning. 

This ring has the intrigue and mystery of black combined with the blue – standing for your sincerity and loyalty. 

Picture this as your wedding band – or ring for special occasions. 

Men's Ring - Blue Tungsten Ring with Black Carbon Fibre Inlay
Brushed black ring for men with a bright blue interior that can be seen at the edge of the ring

The blue in this brushed black men’s tungsten ring is both subtle and effective. The polished blue interior of the ring is just visible at the sides of the ring when being worn. 

This contemporary dome shape design is well suited as a men’s wedding band – or a tasteful statement ring. 

If you are looking for a style of ring that is understated yet magnificent, the Heroic ring may well be just the ring for you. 

A striking ring for men, stylish and dapper. The Maven is a brushed black tungsten ring with polished blue rims. 

This is a refreshing design for the man who is looking for something truly extraordinary. 

Imagine yourself wearing this? What a supreme choice! Perfect for everyday wear as a wedding band, or a ring to wear on very special occasions. 

mens black ring with blue band at the edge wedding anniversary engagement 6mm 8mm in all sizes
black mens ring with blue band wedding engagement or anniversary 8mm tungsten in all sizes

This is a captivating tungsten men’s black ring with a vivid and distinctive groove of polished royal blue – as well as a shining blue interior, and graceful bevelled edges. 

Visionary is designed for the man with a vision, and a flare for creativity. Does this sound like you? 

Again, this ring is well suited as both a men’s unique wedding band, or a truly remarkable statement ring. 



The ultimate blue ring! The blue is set off beautifully by the polished black rims. 

Serene is a ring that shows your calm and soothing personality. 

Indeed, whatever life throws at you, it is guaranteed that you will remain calm and level headed with an exceptional calming presence. You are just one cool cookie that is for sure. 

This would look stunning as a men’s wedding ring, or an outstanding and meaningful statement ring for men. 

blue mens ring for weddng engagement anniversary band polished 8mm black tungsten in all sizes
Black Ring for Men with Groove of Blue

A ring for the fun loving man. Brushed black with a groove of vivid blue. Inside the ring is polished blue. 

The Reveller ring shows your strength and sincerity – ideal as a men’s wedding band, or a wondrous statement ring for men. 

This eye catching and stylish ring will guarantee that you look the part every time – confident, expressive, and remarkable. 


While all of the above men’s rings are made with tungsten, the Majesty ring is a titanium ring. This means that it is lightweight, as well as being strong and durable. 

A distinctive and utterly gorgeous 7mm ring featuring polished black and blue. 

Imagine this as your stand out men’s wedding ring – or a magnificent and unique statement ring. 

blue mens ring with half blue half black titanium design modern style design polished

Silver with Blue

The vibrancy of blue contrasts wonderfully with smooth and serene silver. Here you have a men’s ring that is both remarkable, and distinctive. 

Mens Tungsten Ring - Silver, Blue, and Black in all sizes modern style design

Supreme is an 8mm men’s tungsten ring featuring a vivid groove of polished royal blue. This contrasts fantastically both with the  brushed silver, and the polished black bevelled edges.

Especially designed for the man with supreme style!

This would undoubtedly make a majestic men’s wedding ring – or a superb statement ring. 

Suave is the perfect ring if you are looking for a contempoary design based on something a little more traditional. 

The blue cannot be seen on the ring when being worn – but you know just how special this ring really is.

With brushed silver tungsten at centre and polished silver bevelled edges, this ring is guaranteed to look the part on every single occasion. 

An excellent choice to wear everyday – or just for special nights or days out. 

Brushed and Polished Silver Tungsten Ring for Men 6mm 8mm
silver mens ring wedding anniversary engagement band with blue centre groove 8mm polished in all sizes

Although the Steadfast ring boasts of only a single groove of blue, it is this blue groove that completely defines this ring. 

This is an 8mm wide ring that is bursting with style and individuality. 

Why not choose this as your men’s unique wedding band – it will get noticed that’s for sure!

In this incredible men’s ring design, the blue can be seen at the rims of the ring when begin worn. 

The outside of the ring is brushed silver tungsten, 8mm wide. 

If you are looking for a wedding band that is traditional – but with a remarkable modern twist, the Sincere ring may well be just what you are looking for. 

Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men silver and blue comfort fit
Silver and Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men

A bold and magnificent men’s ring. The Shaman ring is silver tungsten with an inlay of turquoise.

This ring is sure to be noticed everywhere you go – and for all the right reasons. 

A stunning ring and perfect for men who are looking for a different, inspirational, and refreshing ring – whether that be for a phenomenal men’s wedding band – or a truly stunning statement ring.

Exceptionally stylish, and outstanding in every way, Blue Lagoon is a truly inspirational ring for men. 

The brushed matte silver sets off the polished blue groove and edges in a powerful and eye catching way. 

Well suited as a men’s wedding band – or a glorious statement ring. 

blue silver brushed tungsten ring for men 8mm comfort fit
Blue Lagoon
blue mens ring for wedding engagement anniversary silver tungsten 8mm in all sizes polished
Blue Fire

A creative ring design perfect for the creative man. Bold, vibrant, and refreshing. 

Blue Fire is an 8mm wide tungsten ring featuring silver edges and brilliant blue at centre. 

The ultimate stand out men’s wedding band – the blue representing your constancy and loyalty – stunning.

Unlike the above rings that have been made from tungsten carbide, the Appeaser ring is titanium. This means that it is lightweight, as well as being supremely strong and durable. 

The Appeaser ring has a brushed silver surface and is polished royal blue on the inside. The blue rims of the ring are just visible when the ring is being worn.

This versatile ring would be a remarkable and stunning men’s wedding band, as well as a sleek and sophisticated statement ring.

Silver and Blue Titanium Ring for Men brushed comfort fit

Abalone Shell and Opal - Blue Rings for Men

Inlays of abalone shell and blue opal are another way to add a vivid, vibrant, and refreshing splash of blue to your men’s ring. 

Abalone shell is a blue / green colour – although because it is natural , the precise colour of the shell varies. 

Adding a natural element such as abalone shell and opal shows your affinity and connection to nature. 

blue silver mens ring with opal and shell on tungsten band 8mm modern style design

Totally unique and utterly stunning. This ring boasts a myriad of blue and green shades. 

This 8mm silver tungsten ring has two inlays of abalone shell and at centre, an inlay of blue fire opal. 

This would make a spectacular men’s wedding band or a one of a kind statement ring. 

This mesmerising blue men’s tungsten ring features an inlay of iridescent abalone shell. 

Available as a 6mm or 8mm wide ring. 

The unique nature of abalone shell means that each of these rings are slightly different. Some are more blue than green, while others are more green than blue. This means that your ring is completely individual. 

Men's ring featuring an inlay of abalone shell
The Shield

Finding Out Your Ring Size

Before ordering your ring, find out your ring size – with a ring sizer. There are other ways to measure your ring – but using a ring sizer is by far the most accurate. 

Because we know that getting the perfect ring size is so incredibly important, at Manzora, we offer you a ring sizer for free. 

First choose your ring. When you are ready to order, select ‘I don’t know my ring size’ (when prompted to enter the size you would like to order). We will then send you a ring sizer in the post at no extra cost. Once you have used the ring sizer, send us an email to let us know the size that you would like your ring in. 

If when you receive the ring, you find that it is a little too loose, or a little too tight, we will exchange the ring at no extra cost to you. 

Where to Shop for Men's Blue Tungsten Rings

With the rising popularity of tungsten rings particularly for men, there are more places to shop for tungsten rings. 

For a wide variety of men’s tungsten rings, try With over 100+ unique men’s tungsten and titanium rings to choose from, there is something to match every man and every style. 

If you are finding it hard to find the style of ring that suits you, you may be interested in the Try at Home option. With this feature, you can select three rings to try on at home. There is a £25 charge for this service of which £20 is refunded when you return the rings. The £5 that you pay helps to cover postage costs.

The Try at Home service allows you to experiment with different colours and styles so you can get an exact idea of what style of ring you like and what suits you. 



Without doubt, choosing a men’s blue ring is a sensational and one-of-a-kind choice. Not only will your ring be unique and eye catching, symbolically, blue, above all other colours, can be seen to reflect your loyalty, truth, and constancy – attributes that are invaluable not just to a marriage, but to life in general.

Click here to start browsing your men’s blue rings now. 


Blue tungsten rings offer a vibrant and distinctive look. The blue hue, symbolizing calmness, loyalty, and depth, adds a meaningful touch. These rings are perfect for those seeking a contemporary and eye-catching design that goes beyond traditional gold or silver.

Yes, blue tungsten rings are exceptionally durable. Tungsten’s inherent strength and scratch resistance make these rings long-lasting. The color does not fade over time, maintaining the ring’s vivid appearance, making it ideal for everyday wear and special occasions.

While tungsten’s hardness limits intricate detailing, blue tungsten rings can be personalized with engravings, varying shades of blue, and combinations with other materials like carbon fiber or inlays, offering a degree of customization for personal expression.

Blue tungsten rings are low maintenance. Clean with mild soap and water or a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures to maintain the color and finish. Their robust nature makes them easy to care for, retaining their beauty over time.

Men’s blue tungsten rings come in various styles, including options with polished, matte, or brushed finishes, and designs featuring blue as a primary or accent color. They range from simple bands to more elaborate designs with inlays or dual-tone styles.