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Men’s Ring Size Chart

Find Out Your Ring Size

A ring is a big purchase, and not one to take lightly. It is important that the ring fits perfectly, and as such it’s crucial to know your size before you start shopping around. A too small or too large ring can be a real disappointment, so it’s best to know what size you are first. 

This post covers everything to do with finding out your men’s ring size. Maybe you are starting to look around at rings for men. If that is the case, now is the time to find out your ring size for sure! 

As well as a ring size chart, and tips on how to measure your ring size, we will also show you how to get a ring sizer delivered to your door. 

Getting the right size is just as important as finding the perfect ring. A ring either too snug or too loose will never do!

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Men's Ring Size

Below is a ring size chart for men. You can use it to find out your ring size. This will work if you are looking at buying a new ring, and is particularly important if you are choosing to purchase your men’s ring online for greater choice. 

To use the chart, you will first need to either measure your finger – or use a ring that you already have to find out what ring size you are. 

However, before you go ahead and choose a ring based on this size, it is important to be aware that this is a rather inaccurate way to find out your ring size. 

Much more precise and accurate is using a ring sizer. At Manzora, you can have a ring sizer delivered to your door

When working out your men’s ring size, you will also need to take into account personal preference – a person might prefer their ring or wedding band to be tighter or looser. This will obviously affect the ring size needed.

Ring Size Through Measuring Your Finger

To work out your men’s ring size, you will need to measure the circumference of your finger and then match it up to the Men’s Ring Size Chart (shown below).  To measure your finger, you will need a flexible tape measure, strip of paper, or even a length of string.

  • Simply wrap the tape/paper/string around the base of your finger as if you were wearing an actual ring – then take note of where it ends.
  • Measure the paper or string against a ruler which has mm marked on it.
  • Match the length of your piece of paper to the Men’s Ring Size Chart below (for example, if your finger measures 17.75 mm, your ring size is P)
  • Voila! This is your ring size

This is an excellent way to get an approximate gauge of your men’s ring size. A better way is to use an actual ring sizer which can be sent to you through Manzora

black ring for men for wedding engagement or anniversary band. red interior 8mm tungsten in all sizes
Amado - Black and Red Men's Tungsten Ring
silver mens ring wedding anniversary engagement band in all sizes
Aspen - Silver Dome Shaped Tungsten Men's Ring

Find Out Your Ring Size with a Ring You Already Have

It may be that you already have a ring that is the perfect fit for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know the size. 

Simply measure the diameter of the ring in mm. You will then be able to work out what size you are by using the men’s ring sizer chart below. 

For example, if the diameter of your ring measures 20 mm, you can see that you are a size U. 

Measuring something so small and needing an exact measurement is obviously difficult to get accurate. This is why it is more reliable to get your free ring sizer


Men's Ring Size Chart

Ring Diameter:

17.1 mm

Finger Circumference:

53.8 mm


Ring Diameter:

17.5 mm

Finger Circumference:

55.1 mm


Ring Diameter:

17.9 mm

Finger Circumference:

56.3 mm


Ring Diameter:

18.3 mm

Finger Circumference:

57.6 mm


Ring Diameter:

18.8 mm

Finger Circumference:

58.9 mm


Ring Diameter:

19.2 mm

Finger Circumference:

60.2 mm 


Ring Diameter:

19.6 mm

Finger Circumference:

61.4 mm


Ring Diameter:

20 mm

Finger Circumference:

62.7 mm


Ring Diameter – 

20.4 mm

Finger Circumference:

64 mm


Ring Diameter – 

20.8 mm

Finger Circumference:

65.3 mm


Ring Diameter – 

21.2 mm

Finger Circumference:

66.6 mm


Ring Diameter – 

21.6 mm

Finger Circumference:

67.8 mm


Ring Diameter – 

21.8 mm

Finger Circumference :

68.5 mm


Ring Diameter – 

22.4 mm

Finger Circumference:

70.4 mm


Free Men's Ring Sizer

The easiest and most accurate way to find out your ring size is to use a Men’s Ring Sizer. 

This is specifically designed to find out your ring size. Simply wrap the sizer around the finger you are planning to wear your ring on. You will then be able to see what size ring you need. 

Click Here for Free Men's Ring Sizer

At Manzora, you can have a men’s ring sizer delivered to your door for no extra cost.

First you need to choose the ring that you would like to order. Next, when you are prompted to select your size, simply select ‘I Don’t Know My Ring Size’.

You will then be sent a ring sizer in the post for free. Once you know your ring size, simply send an email to say that the size that you need. 

Black Tungsten Carbide Ring for Men with Groove of Blue
Visionary - Men's Tungsten Ring - Black with Blue Groove
Damascus Steel Pattern on a Mens Tungsten Ring
Waterfall - Damascus Steel Pattern on Men's Tungsten Ring
Black, Silver, and Gold Ring for Men modern traditional style design comfort fit
Men's Tungsten Ring featuring Brushed Silver, Gold, and Black

Tips on Using a Men's Ring Sizer

When using your ring sizer, make sure that you do not pull too tightly. The perfect fitting ring is one that you can twist while on your finger and gently ease over your knuckle. So this is what you are aiming for with your men’s ring sizer. 

Some important points to note:

  • When using the ring sizer, try  it out several times throughout the day.

  • Your finger size does actually change – depending on your body temperature, foods that you have eaten, and activity levels.

    For example, your fingers will be smaller when you are cold and are usually larger at the end of the day. When you are cold, your fingers will be at least half a size smaller.

  • Find out your ‘average size’ by popping the ring sizer on  three or four times during the day. You will soon find what is right for you most of the time.

  • Your fingers are normally at their largest at the end of the day so this is the one you want to pay most attention to. 

  • Make sure you decide which finger you want to to wear the ring on – and which hand. The  fingers on your dominant hand are usually larger.

Find Out Your Ring Size at a Jewellery Shop

Another option is to find out your ring size at a jewellery shop. They will have ring sizers that you can use to find out your exact size. 

What is the Average Ring Size for Men?

Here in the United Kingdom, the most commonly purchased  ring size for men is size Q. This is a finger circumference of 57.6 mm and a diameter of 18.34 mm.

However, in reality there is no such thing as average ring size. For men, ring sizes vary enormously. – for the most part between sizes P to Z.

There is huge variation between men and it is not accurate to assume that you are about average. 

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Does Comfort Fit and Standard Fit Affect Ring Size?

Of course you want a ring that fits comfortably. That’s why all of the rings you see at Manzora are Comfort Fit.

So, what exactly is the difference between a Standard Fit and a Comfort Fit ring? 

  • The crucial difference between a Comfort Fit ring and a Standard Fit ring is that the inside of the Comfort Fit ring is rounded. The rounded inside means that the ring will slide over the knuckle much more easily.

    The inside diameter of the comfort fit ring gets larger as you get closer to the edge of the ring.

  • In comparison, the Standard Fit rings are flat on the inside of the ring. In other words, the inside diameter is the same as from the edge to the very middle of the ring.

    This can mean that the Standard Fit Men’s ring is harder to slide over the knuckle. 

How Does This Affect Ring Size?

Very importantly, Comfort Fit  Rings tend to fit a little bit looser than standard fit rings that are of the same measurement.

This is in large part because the Comfort Fit Ring allows you to get a better fit – essentially because the Comfort Fit Ring slides more easily over the knuckle. 

In general, if you are selecting a Comfort Fit Ring, you can choose a size that is about a half size smaller than your standard fit ring size..

Width of the Ring

When working out the ring size that you need, it is also important to consider the width of the ring you are choosing. 

Rings that have a greater width tend to fit more tightly than rings that are thinner. 

So if you try on a friends 6 mm ring, you may find that you need the next size up if you want to choose an 8mm ring. 



rose gold mens ring wedding anniversary engagement band 6mm tungsten polished in all sizes
Dapper - 5 mm Rose Gold Tungsten Men's Ring
black mens ring wedding anniversary engagement band 6mm 8mm tungsten ring in all sizes
Strength - All Black Men's Tungsten Ring available as either 6 mm or 8 mm
black mens ring with green band for wedding engagement anniversary ring 8mm tungsten
Shamrock - Men's Tungsten Ring in Black and Green 8 mm

What If I Measure In-Between Sizes?

If you happen to measure in-between ring sizes, it is best to go up to the nearest size. 

For example, if you measure the circumference of your finger to be be 62 mm, (between a T and a U), it is best to go up to the size U.

This is the same if you are using a Ring Sizer – if you are in-between sizes, simply go for the next size up. 

What If The Ring I Order Still Doesn't Fit?

Even when using a ring sizer, it unfortunately doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the ring will be the perfect fit. 

That is why, at Manzora, we offer you Free Exchanges on every ring.

And if the ring that we exchange still doesn’t fit, we will keep exchanging (at no extra cost to you) until you are completely satisfied that you have the perfect fitting ring. 

Ring Try at Home Option plus Free Men's Ring Sizer

As well as wondering about how to find the right ring size, you may also be wondering how to find a ring style that suits you. After all, there are so many different rings to choose from – see best selling rings here.

One way to help you decide is to order some rings to try on at home. This option puts you under no obligation to buy – it is simply a way for you to try on some rings at home to see what you think.

The Try at Home Option allows you select three rings to try on at home.  As well as the three rings, you can also request a ring sizer – the most accurate way to find out your own ring size for sure!

To find out how, click on the following button –

Can I Guess My Ring Size?

Don’t be tempted to guess your ring size. 

Ring sizes vary enormously between men and there is no way of telling your ring size without actually measuring your finger. 

Ways to find out you ring size include measuring your finger circumference or measuring the diameter of a ring that you already have.

But by far the most accurate is using a men’s ring sizer – and just to make life easy, you can get one for free!


Finding the perfect ring size is just as important as finding the perfect ring style.

It is essential that your ring feels comfortable to wear. A ring that is too tight will end up feeling unbearable and downright uncomfortable. On the other had, a ring that is too loose will end up sliding off your finger and will eventually get lost. 

Measuring your finger – or measuring the diameter of a ring that you already have – is a good way of getting a rough idea of your ring size. Far more accurate  though is to use a Men’s Ring Sizer. At Neman Bands, we offer free ring sizers to customers who don’t already know their ring size. 

Mens Abalone Shell and Opal Ring set in Silver Tungsten in all sizes modern style design
Mystique - A Stunning Men's Tungsten Ring Incorporating Abalone Shell and Opal.
Brushed Black Mens Ring with wood band groove 8mm tungsten
Brushed Black Men's Tungsten Ring with Groove of Natural Wood
Brushed Gold and Polished Gold Ring for Men - Tungsten Carbide comfort fit
Eloquent - Gold Men's Tungsten Ring - 6 or 8mm


Measure your finger’s circumference using a flexible tape, paper, or string. Mark where it overlaps, measure against a ruler in mm, and match it to a ring size chart. For more accuracy, use a ring sizer, which can be ordered online, to find your exact size.

In the UK, the most common ring size for men is size Q, equating to a finger circumference of 57.6 mm and a diameter of 18.34 mm. However, men’s ring sizes vary greatly, typically ranging from sizes P to Z, underscoring the importance of individual measurements.

Yes, the ring’s width impacts its fit. Wider rings often fit more snugly than thinner ones. If you’re comfortable with a certain size in a narrower ring, you might need a larger size for a wider band. Always consider the width when determining your ring size.

Comfort Fit rings have a rounded interior, making them easier to slide over the knuckle and generally fit a bit looser. In contrast, Standard Fit rings have a flat inside, making them snugger. Typically, you might choose a half size smaller in Comfort Fit compared to Standard Fit.

If your measurement is between standard ring sizes, it’s recommended to choose the larger size for a better fit. Rings that are slightly larger are more comfortable and easier to remove than those that are too tight. For the best fit, consider trying on different sizes or using a ring sizer.