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Men’s Rings – How Wide Should My Ring Be? And Why it Matters

The width of the ring is how wide the actual ring is. 

Choosing the right width for your men’s ring is hugely important. Although only a few millimetres different, the width of the ring effects what the ring looks like enormously. 

That’s why it is so important that you get the right width that suits your personal preference and what looks right on your finger. 

Very generally speaking, a man with slender fingers is likely to suit a thinner width ring (somewhere between 5mm and 6mm). In contrast, a man with larger fingers is likely to suit a wider ring such as 8mm or 10mm. 

Rose Gold Ring for men shinny 6mm tungsten
5mm Wide Men's Tungsten Rose Gold Ring - Dapper
Man wearing silver tungsten ring for men
6mm Wide Men's SIlver Tungsten Ring - Elie
Man tries on his silver and blue tungsten ring
8mm Wide Men's Silver Tungsten Ring with Turquoise

What Width Are Men's Rings?

There are a huge range of ring widths available when it comes to men’s rings. This is great for variety and choice but can seem a little overwhelming and hard to choose at first. 

Once you have decided on the right ring width for you, your search for the perfect ring can begin in earnest. So now is the time to work out the ring width that you want!

Ring widths start from 2mm and range to over 12mm. The vast majority of men’s rings are between 5mm and 10mm. There are no rules though so definitely go with whatever you prefer. 

How Wide Should My Ring Be?

The next time you are out with your mates, be sure to check out their rings. This can help you decide if your preference is for an elegant thin style such as the 5 or 6mm ring, or a bold and substantial 8mm ring.

Or even better, try on some rings  whether at a jewellery shop or on online try at home service. Just be sure to try some 6mm rings and some 8mm rings for contrast. You will soon get an eye for what you prefer. 

Once you have decided on the ring width, you will also need to choose what metal you would like your ring in, and then finally what colours and styles. 

The Most Popular Width for a Man's Ring

Both 6mm and 8mm are hugely popular widths in rings for men. Out of the two, the most common seems to be the 8mm width. However, preference varies in accordance to a man’s hand and finger size. 

For example, for rings in a smaller size (somewhere between O and S), the 6mm wide ring is more popular. This means that men with smaller hands and fingers are more often choosing the 6mm wide ring styles. 

And men who have larger hands and fingers more often choose wider rings, such as the 8mm or wider. This tends to be the firm favourite for men who have a ring size of S or larger. 

Wider rings tend to suit men who have larger hands and fingers. For example, a 6mm ring might look a little small on a man’s hand who has a ring size of Z5!

And similarly, a man who has a ring size of P may find that an 8mm ring looks particularly big on his hand.

This is of course is purely a matter of personal preference and there are definitely no rules when it comes to choosing how wide you want your ring to be. It may simply be that you are man that likes a wide ring – or a man that prefers something more delicate. 

If you are undecided between a 6mm or 8mm ring though, this may give you an idea of what you are looking for.

5mm Men's Tungsten Rings

This gorgeous rose gold men’s tungsten ring is 5mm wide. Highly polished and with a sleek dome shape, this is a contemporary version of a more classic men’s ring. 

Both classic and elegant, this delicate ring is perfectly suited as a men’s wedding band, or perhaps as a romantic promise or eternity ring. 

At 5mm, this is a very popular ring, especially for men with smaller hands and fingers. 

Made with tungsten carbide, this is a highly durable ring that has good resistance to scratching. 

6mm Men's Tungsten Rings

6mm wide men’s rings are extremely popular and available in many different styles and designs. 

Made with tungsten carbide, these 6mm men’s rings are remarkably strong, durable, and scratch resistant. 

This 6mm wide ring is truly sensational. The sleek brushed silver surface is set off beautifully by the polished black rims and interior. 

This men’s ring style is particular popular for men with smaller hands and fingers who tend to have a ring size of somewhere between an O and an S. 

This versatile ring is well suited as a men’s wedding band, or an eternity or promise ring, or as a stand out statement ring. 

Another stunning example of a 6mm wide men’s ring. Rock star cool pure black men’s ring made with tungsten carbide. 

This 6mm ring has a brushed black matte centre with polished black edges and interior. 

Brimming with style, this is a stand-out ring and perfect if you are looking for a contemporary ring design. 

Equally suited as a men’s wedding band or statement ring. 

7mm Men's Tungsten Ring

Surprisingly 7mm men’s rings are not very common. Yet they are the perfect width if you are not sure whether to choose the 6mm or 8mm ring!

This brushed silver dome shaped tungsten ring has a distinctive groove of polished silver.

An exquisite ring design, ideal as a men’s wedding band or as an elegant statement ring. 


8mm Men's Tungsten Rings

8mm wide rings are the most popular rings for men, particularly in the larger size rings. 

Rings that have inlays of different materials tend to be 8mm – to allow for the different components of the ring. 

A striking black 8mm ring for men. With a brushed black centre, polished black edges, and vibrant red rims and interior. 

This eye catching ring is both unique and truly stunning. 

This is the perfect all-rounder ring that will look stunning for every occasion. 

At 8mm, this ring is an example of the most popular ring widths for men. 

This 8mm silver tungsten men’s ring has inlays of abalone shell and turquoise  opal. What an utterly magnificent style of ring.

While 8mm is more popular for men with larger hands, this ring would look good on any size hand. It is certainly worth a try on if you are feeling unsure. 

If you are looking for the most spectacular men’s wedding band or statement ring, you may well have found it with this stunning ring!


6mm Men's Titanium Rings

In comparison to tungsten rings, titanium rings for men are incredibly lightweight – yet just as strong and durable. The range of 6mm titanium rings for men are truly elegant and extremely comfortable to wear.  

This brushed silver and cobalt blue ring in titanium is available as a 6mm or an 8mm men’s ring. Pictured here is the 6mm version. 

The pure simplicity of this ring gives it an extraordinary beauty. The blue can be seen at the rims of the ring when being worn. 

Smooth, sleek, and contemporary, this ring  is ideal as a men’s wedding band, or a remarkable statement ring. 

All that’s left now is for you to decide on the 6mm or 8mm version!



This glorious titanium ring for men is available as a 6mm or 8mm men’s ring. So whether you prefer a more elegant thinner band, or a wider ring, the choice is completely yours! 

This ring has a slightly raised brushed silver centre and contrasting polished edges and rims.

This perfect all-rounder ring would make a wonderful men’s wedding band, or a beautiful statement ring.  



7mm Men's Titanium Rings

Just like tungsten rings, titanium rings for men are most popular 6mm or 8mm wide. Also available are 7mm wide titanium rings. These are a great choice and are well suited to virtually every size of hand. 

Silver Titanium Ring for Men
Groovy -- Silver Titanium Men's Ring
Titanium Ring for Men in Black and Blue in all sizes comfort fit
Majesty - Black and Blue Men's Titanium Ring
Titanium Ring for Men - Gold Hammered Surface with Polished Silver Rims
Charmer - Men's Gold Titanium Ring with Hammered Finish

8mm Men's Titanium Rings

8mm men’s titanium rings can be made with pure titanium or with an inlay of another material such as wood, naturally shed deer antler, or opal. 

Titanium rings are robust and durable, as well as being remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

This gorgeous ring design for men features a blend of brushed and polished gold titanium. The raised sections are brushed gold, set within a polished gold ring.

This 8mm titanium ring is incredibly light and easy to wear, yet phenomenally strong and durable.

This flawless 8mm gold ring for men is just waiting to be your wedding band, or would be perfect as an elegant statement ring for special occasions. 

This spectacular 8mm men’s titanium ring features natural wood, opal and naturally shed deer antler. An exquisite design for an out of the ordinary man. 

Why not make your wedding band an extraordinary ring! Exceptional and extremely stylish. 


Ring Thickness vs Ring Width

You may be wondering what the difference is between ring thickness and  ring width. As we have discussed,  the width of the ring refers to how wide the ring is. In comparison, the thickness of the ring is basically how thick the metal is (as can be seen from the side of the ring). In general, dome shaped rings are slightly thicker than flat rings. 

As you might expect, thicker rings are generally stronger than thin rings. However, if you are choosing a tungsten, or titanium ring, these metals are so strong and durable that you most certainly don’t need to worry about how strong the ring is by looking at its width- these metals are so phenomenally strong that your ring will be as robust as ever.  

Does the Ring Width Affect the Size I Need?

It is worth being aware that the width of the ring affects the sizing. For example, wider rings tend to fit more snugly than a ring that is narrower.

This will mean that you will need a slightly larger ring if you are choosing an 8mm men’s ring – mostly likely the next size up.

Manzora offer a free ring exchange service. This is because we recognise that it is difficult to get the perfect ring size without trying on the rings. You can exchange as many times as you need until you have the perfect fit.

To get an initial idea of your ring size, first request a Free Ring Sizer (when you have decided which ring to order),  scroll down to ‘I don’t know my ring size’ under the sizing options. You will then receive a free ring sizer delivered to your door!

Ring Try at Home Option

If you are still unsure about how wide you want your ring to be, a useful option is to try some rings on at home

This is an opportunity to try some different widths of rings and see how they look on your finger. 

Check out Manzora who offer this service. 

Find the Ring Width that Suits You

To help you find the ring width that suits you, it is worth first deciding whether you want a narrow or wide style – narrow being between 5 and 6mm and wide being 8mm and above. 7mm fits neatly in the middle of these two choices. 

Narrow Rings –

For men, narrow rings tend to be 5mm or 6mm. 

This is a great choice for you if:

  • Your ring size is S or under
  • You have smaller hands
  • Your fingers are quite slender
  • You like the style of an elegant and slender ring!

Wide Rings – 

When we talk about wide rings, we are talking about rings that are 8mm or wider. These rings can look more masculine and are a fantastic choice if :

  • You have a ring size over an S
  • You have generally larger hands 
  • You like the masculine look of a wider ring
  • You want your ring to stand out

While there are clearly no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing how wide you want your ring to be, the general rule of thumb is that narrower rings are a great choice if you have smaller hands, and wider rings are well suited for men who have larger hands.

Display of 7 tungsten carbide rings for men
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