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10 Hand-Picked Unique Men’s Eternity Rings

Welcome to the ultimate guide to men’s eternity rings. We have hand-picked 10 of our favourite men’s eternity rings.

An eternity ring is traditionally given as a gift, usually on an anniversary. This can be a wedding anniversary, or simply an anniversary of being together. The eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and is a celebration of the time you have spent together with your partner.

Eternity rings were traditionally given to women by their partner. Thankfully, times are changing and there is an increasing trend towards eternity rings for men.  After all, why should the man have to be left out?

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The Origins of the Eternity Ring

The beginnings of the Eternity Ring began in Ancient Egypt.

In Ancient Egyptian culture, the circle was seen as a powerful symbol which meant eternity. Likewise, marriage was seen as everlasting, a bond that was so strong that it would last into the afterlife.

Naturally then, the ring was seen as the perfect way to symbolise love between two people. The eternal circle is represented as a ring and here was born the very notion of the wedding ring.

Jewellery was an important part of Egyptian culture. Soon after the rise of the wedding ring, eternity rings came to represent the everlasting and eternal love between couples. The essence of the Eternity ring stands true today.

Eternity rings can be given for many different reasons but most often as an anniversary gift (whether that be for a wedding anniversary or to mark the anniversary of being together as a couple). Eternity rings can also be given as a celebratory gift to mark a very special occasion so as the birth of a child, or a special birthday. Unlike the wedding ring, there are no exact rules for the Eternity ring. It is more about what you choose as a couple.

Traditionally, eternity rings would be a ring set with a line of identical diamonds, or gemstones. These are still popular for women, but men’s eternity rings tend to span a whole range of styles. While eternity rings were traditionally given by men to women, there is a marked trend towards men also wearing eternity rings. Afterall, why would you men want to miss out!

Eternity Rings for Men
Men's Eternity Rings | Manzora

Which Finger Should You Wear an Eternity Ring On?

Traditionally, eternity rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But this tradition was born from women’s fashion and trends. Because women’s rings tend to be thinner, the engagement, wedding, and eternity ring, can be stacked together. This is slightly different for men who tend to have wider rings – not so great for stacking together.

Men may wear their eternity ring on the traditional ring finger if that is what they want – or on any other finger. The complication comes if you are a man already wearing a wedding ring. The question is do you want to replace the wedding ring with the eternity ring? If not, it probably makes more sense to wear your eternity ring on a different finger, or thumb!

Which finger you wear your men’s eternity ring on is completely up to you. Just remember that you will need to decide before you order your ring as you will need to know the ring size for the finger you want to wear the ring on!

Men Wearing Eternity Rings

There is an upward trend in men wearing eternity rings, as with other pieces of jewellery. Eternity rings are a wonderful and meaningful way to mark and celebrate your time together as a couple – so why should men miss out on that! They are the perfect gift to give on an anniversary (whether for a wedding anniversary, or an anniversary of being together as a couple).

If you lead an active lifestyle, whether for work or leisure, you need an eternity ring that is built to last. Rings made from tungsten carbide and rings made from titanium will guarantee strength, durability and give you extreme scratch resistance. Just what you need from your men’s eternity ring.

Tungsten and titanium rings for men also come in a huge array of styles and in different colours. Whether you are looking for something traditional, or contemporary, there is a ring out there for you.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Men's Eternity Ring

The most important to thing to remember when choosing your men’s eternity ring is that there are no rules. You are not obliged to choose a certain type of ring, or a ring made of a particular metal, or in a specific colour.

You are the boss; you get to choose. Whether you are choosing for yourself, or you are buying your man an eternity ring as a gift, go with the eternity ring that you love.

Some important things to bear in mind are the ring size, the metal, and the width of the ring. You may also want to consider the cost of the ring.

Make sure you use a ring sizer to find out what size ring you need. Manzora will send you a free ring sizer if you need it. Simply select ‘I don’t know my ring size’ when you place your order. You will be sent a ring sizer so that you can find out the size you need. Before finding out your ring size, be sure that you know exactly which finger you plan to wear the ring on.

Men’s eternity rings are available in a wide range of metals. Traditional choices would include metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. These are sound choices that have been popular for years.

Less expensive and much stronger, and more durable are tungsten carbide and titanium. These are metals that are known for their strength and durability. Tungsten is particularly good as it is also very resistant to scratches. The main benefit of titanium is that it is extremely lightweight. Both tungsten and titanium are non-corrosive although you need to keep tungsten rings away from chlorine. Titanium rings are fine with chlorine as well as sea water.

The width of a men’s eternity ring tends to be either 6mm or 8mm. Although this is purely a matter of personal preference, generally speaking, men with larger hands and fingers may be better suited for an 8mm ring, while men with thinner fingers and smaller hands, may be better suited to a 6mm ring.

There are men’s eternity rings out there that will suit every budget. Of course, the precious metals such as gold, white gold, silver, and platinum, tend to be more expensive. Metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium are just as good in terms of quality but since they are not seen as a precious metal, they are substantially less expensive.

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Men's Eternity Rings

Our 10 Hand-Picked Unique Men's Eternity Rings

We have picked out our favourite men’s eternity rings to share with you.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

black mens ring with silver and blue highlights to one side in modern style design
Paramount - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring

Paramount is a supremely stylish tungsten ring that would make a magnificent men’s eternity ring. This ring has sections of brushed black and brushed silver. It is uniquely set off by a vivid groove of polished blue between the two sections.

This is a comfort fit ring that is 8mm in diameter.

Could this be the ring for you? Don’t forget if you don’t know your ring size, simply select ‘I don’t know my ring size’ when you go to place your order. You will then be sent a ring sizer so that you can request the size that you need.

Regalia is a stunning silver and gold titanium ring. What an incredible men’s eternity ring. Using the traditional colours of gold and silver in a unique and distinctive design. Incredible.

Titanium is uniquely strong and durable but also lightweight. This makes it the perfect choice for men who are less keen, or not used to, wearing jewellery.

This is a comfort fit ring that is 8mm in diameter.

Regalia is slightly dome shaped for an extra touch of elegance.

gold mens ring modern traditional style design in all sizes 8mm
Regalia - Men's Titnaium Ring - Eternity Ring for Men
Men's Silver Tungsten Ring with Carbon Fibre Inlay
Labyrinth - Men's Tungsten Ring - Men's Eternity Ring


Labyrinth is a truly remarkable ring that would make an incredible men’s eternity ring. This ring is made with silver tungsten carbide and has an inlay of carbon fibre. A mesmerising and fascinating design that will catch attention.

Labyrinth is 8mm in width and is a comfort fit ring.

The tungsten carbide ensures that this ring is tremendously strong and durable. It also has supreme resistance to scratching.

Shamrock is a refreshing ring design and is perfect as a men’s eternity ring. Black tungsten carbide with a groove of vivid green. The ring has a green inside which is slightly visible at the rim when worn.

Imagine the Shamrock ring as your stand-out stunning men’s eternity ring. Express your endless energy and free spirit with this magnificent and beautiful ring.

Shamrock is 8mm in width and is a comfort fit ring. Made with tungsten carbide, this is a ring that will last a lifetime.

Men's Tungsten Ring - Black with Green
Shamrock - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring
Rose Gold and Black Ring for Men - Tungsten modern style traditional design
Florence - Men's Tungsten Rig - Eternity Ring

What a stunningly beautiful and elegant men’s ring. This would make an incredible and graceful men’s eternity ring.

Florence is a flawless design featuring sleek matte black at the centre of the ring with contrasting rose gold at the edges.

Florence is available as a 6mm or 8mm ring depending on whether you prefer a narrow or wider ring.

A comfort fit ring, this ring has it all. Comfortable to wear, stunning and stylish, and almighty strong and durable.

A remarkable ring designed for the one-of-a-kind man that you are. Forester is a lightweight yet super sturdy titanium ring with naturally shed deer antler. Could this be your men’s eternity ring?

The antler bone has a unique and captivating marble like appearance. Perfectly suited for the man who loves the outdoors. The dome shape adds extra pizzazz and elegance to the ring.

Since this ring is made with natural deer antler, each ring is completely unique and individual and varies in colouring and pattern. This means that you get a superb and individual ring that is just for you.

A comfort fit ring, 8mm in width.

mens antler ring silver tungsten 8mm wedding anniversary engagement band all sizes
Forester - Men's Titanium Ring with Antler - Eternity Ring
Men's ring featuring an inlay of abalone shell
The Shield - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring

An extraordinary ring and a sensational men’s eternity ring. The Shield is a silver tungsten ring with an inlay of abalone shell. Both mesmerising and captivating.

Because the abalone shell is natural, each ring varies slightly in its colouring and pattern. This makes this a truly unique and individual ring.

The Shield is available as a 6mm or 8mm ring to suit men who either prefer a narrower or wider ring style. Comfort fit and made with tungsten carbide for supreme strength, durability, and scratch resistance.

Another brilliant choice for a men’s eternity ring. A contemporary twist on a more traditional design. Distinctive in a classic and understated way.

Milan can be chosen as a 6mm or 8mm ring so will suit preferences for either a narrower or wider style of ring. This is another comfort fit ring which makes for a better and more comfortable fit.

What a sleek and dapper men’s eternity ring this would make. Unusually, this ring features a contrasting mix of polished and brushed silver.

silver mens ring tungsten brushed and polished 
Milan - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring
Brushed Silver Tungsten Ring for Men with Red Interior
Flame - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring

What a gorgeous ring! Romantic red for the perfect men’s eternity ring. Flame is a silver tungsten ring. It has brushed silver at centre with polished silver bevelled edges and a vibrant red on the inside. The red is slightly visible at the rims of the ring when being worn.

Made with tungsten carbide for super strength. This is a ring built to last a lifetime. If you are a man who leads an active lifestyle, there is no reason not to have a beautiful and elegant ring such as Flame.

This is an 8mm wide ring and is comfort fit.

Contemporary, unique, and utterly stunning. Elation is a stand-out ring that will look magnificent for every occasion. Could this be your men’s eternity ring?

Elation is a spectacular dome shaped ring. Black with a double groove of polished blue, and polished blue on the inside.

Don’t forget that if you don’t know your ring size, Manzora will send you a ring sizer for free. Simply select ‘I don’t know my ring size’ when you place your order.

Elation is 8mm in width and another comfort fit ring – our favourite!

black ring for men on tungsten with blue highlights modern style design
Elation - Men's Tungsten Ring - Eternity Ring


Men’s eternity rings symbolize everlasting love and commitment, traditionally given as gifts on special occasions such as anniversaries or to mark significant milestones like the birth of a child. These rings, embodying eternal bonds, have evolved from traditional designs to include a variety of styles suited for different personal preferences.

 Yes, men’s eternity rings are available in a diverse range of materials. Traditional choices include gold, silver, and platinum, but modern rings often use more durable materials like tungsten carbide and titanium. These contemporary materials offer strength and scratch resistance, catering to active lifestyles while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Men’s eternity rings come in various styles, from classic designs with continuous lines of gemstones or diamonds to more modern and unique designs. They can feature different metals, textures, and color accents, allowing for a high degree of personalization and expression of individual style.

When choosing a men’s eternity ring, consider personal style, lifestyle, and the ring’s symbolism. There are no strict rules, so focus on what appeals to you or the recipient. Consider the metal, width, and ring size, especially for comfort and durability. Unique designs can add a personal touch to this meaningful piece of jewelry.

Men’s eternity rings, especially those made from hardy materials like tungsten or titanium, are suitable for everyday wear. They are designed to be durable and scratch-resistant, ideal for active lifestyles. However, it’s important to choose a ring that feels comfortable and fits well to ensure it can be worn regularly.